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Technology is getting so fast that the most amazing things we get normal things. World largest infotainment screen ever made by Mercedes. Before the normalization of technology, it is considered a unique and important thing with the help of professionals for usage. But, now a baby having an age of less than 1 year can easily use the mobile phone and doing games and watching cartoons.

Now we see this time Mercedes bring such an innovative and powerful thing with the ultimate level of technology, this time they come with all new Mercedes-Benz EQS that includes all these amazing features.

The car with more than 300 sensors.

That’s amazing, the car filled with full of sensors means that you don’t have to work anymore, sensors can do all. The most amazing part is that when you enter in car you see a full-digital massive display,

World Largest Infotainment Screen Ever:

When you open the car door you see the most amazing system ever established in a car. It comes with all features you can imagine, the display is very ideal.

Mercedes-Benz made world largest 56-inch massive screen and fitted in their all-new Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Like when you see the whole design you very surprised, the screen covers all the dashboard, except steering, whole dashboard is fitted with world largest infotainment screen ever. When you see this car in detail you see the world largest infotainment screen ever in three parts. The first part consists of speed-o-meter, the speed-o-meter looks incredible.

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Speed-o-meter is made with top of the line ingredients, ingredients that make the car very luxurious. AC windows and steering feels like fitted in screen which looks very insane. The graphics in speed-o-meter is very amazed like you never see before.

World Largest Infotainment Screen Ever

Mercedes-Benz EQS Dashboard

Giving united look by screen makes the car high. The car is fitted with the highest level of technology and with top ranked features. You can guess from that this car has more than 300 sensors, the highest sensors that any car ever had.

Central console we see very presentable and giving the whole car update without hesitation. Appearance definitely impresses the personality, in this car the appearance of this world largest infotainment screen ever is very much impressive.

When the person wants to see the system in the picture, they couldn’t see the picture in full-size, they zoom and give very huge focus to the picture and tried to see all ingredients, writing, and graphics.

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In this world, everything is almost digitalized or towards digitalization. In the auto field, the vehicles cross very long distances of digitalization and in some years they will reach the destination. In the era of car infotainment with the innovation of world largest infotainment screen ever, they are right on the top.

Third part entertains the front passenger to do whatever you want. That’s a very amazing and impressive thing, although passengers can easily access the main screen giving the extra opportunity to the passenger is appreciated.

The mindset behind this innovation is very very brilliant, the way the team worked is highly appreciated, we see things as a user, whenever we see great and unbelievable things we appreciate the makers.

Through Mercedes-Benz EQS, Mercedes give us an idea of future of the automotive industry. By introducing 300+ sensors and world largest infotainment screen ever, Mercedes made their very powerful name in the viewer’s minds.

The car costs more than 100,000 USD

By seeing these impressive features, we can say that this car is worth it. Except for infotainment, all other things in cars are also rare and highly unique features that can give us the future of infotainment.



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