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Hybrid car:

The car with a dual system. 

  • Electric System.
  • Engine Powered by Petrol, Diesel or Gas.

The initial purpose of this concept is to control the environment in cities.

At a certain speed, the car will run on a battery (electric). But, when in a mountain area or destructive road the car will convert automatically on Fuel because the main disadvantage of the electric system car is they don’t have much power.

First Hybrid car on Mass Level:

Initially, the hybrid car was used in the 19th century on a small level. According to some historians, Henri Pieper and Ferdinand Porsche were the founders of Hybrid cars.

The first Hybrid car Toyota Prius

The first Hybrid car Toyota Prius


Toyota Prius is the first hybrid car on a mass level. Toyota is one of the biggest automobile companies in the d. According to Wikipedia Toyota is the biggest automobile company in the world they rank at 1 and Toyota Corolla is the most sold car in the world. 

Toyota Prius First Generation:

Toyota Prius was first produced in 1997 in Japan. It is also the most attractive sedan of Toyota at that time. The meter of this Prius is completely digital and the entertainment system is on the touchscreen. The car with such amazing features and environment-friendly cars, this car completely grab the attention of the audience.

The car interior looks ugly nowadays but it is the attractive and beautiful interior of that time. Imagine in 1997 the economy level car with these features such as:

Features of Toyota Prius Hybrid:

  • LCD Panel.
  • Complete digital meter.
  • Safety features.
  • Massive size seats.
  • Alloy Rims. 
  • GPRS.
  • Other standard features.

This car is known as a trendsetter. Then, this trend is followed by Honda and other automotive industry. The car was produced in Japan for three years and in 2000 the car was launched in Europe, Australia, and the rest of the world. 

Initially, Prius was sold not too much but passing from time to time the sale of Prius was increased. 

It is also known as modern hybrids.

After this, the trend of the car was changed, Honda started producing Honda insight inspiring with Toyota Prius, and then other company also starting making hybrid vehicles. 

Top Selling Hybrid Car:

Toyota Prius also the most selling hybrid car in the world till now.

Toyota changes the trends, they started producing the hybrid variant of sedan known as Prius, Toyota has made already name with Land cruiser and Corolla, and with Prius, they also made a name in Hybrid vehicles and with the help of Prius, they also sets trend for hybrid vehicles.

Second Generation of Toyota Prius Hybrid:

This model brings a lot of change to Prius. As you can see, in this variant the car looks so attractive from the previous one but the previous variant was also good at that time. 

It is considered the best model of Prius electric car because it brings a lot of change, the long light increases the beauty of this car. The damn look of alloy rims. The line on side of the doors, the front bumper look so simple and clean. 

The main beauty of the exterior is the rear, The way the lights are made is completely outstanding The lights are divided into three sections Main lights, Reverse light and indicators are looking so attractive. 

The game-changer part is the rear. As you can see there are so many changes in just two or three years. The way they made the interior of the car is looking so good and outstanding. The main advantage of this car is they have massive size seats, because of gear section and hand brake are shifted into the dashboard.

Features of the 2nd Generation Toyota Prius Hybrid:

  • Multimedia Steering
  • The long display of the speedometer
  • Separate Hand brake button under AC
  • Power Button 
  • Air Bags
  • Rear Wiper
  • Other standard features.

This car is considered the best hybrid car in modern history. The main problem of hybrid cars is their battery system. but, this car is a long-lasting battery and stability 

Till 2020, It is considered the old cars and unique in America, Asia, and Europe, and other regions.

Third Generation of Toyota Prius Hybrid:

This generation came with a complete change. The bumper with a fog lamp and the side mirror with indicator light and other battery changes

The spoiler looks so damn. The rear doesn’t much change from the previous one. The trunk size is increased and the rear light also changes.

The main part of this model is its interior. The Interior looks so much change from the previous one. let’s start with, speedometer. The length of the diameter is much larger than the previous one and the multimedia screen coming in this car with a range size and more options. The separate screen for AC and Heater changes.

The Gear liver also changes, they come in blue color and small size which grabs the attention. 

Features of Toyota Prius Hybrid:

  • The long display of the speedometer with more options.
  • Larger LCD than the previous generation.
  • Separate screen for temperature control.
  • Beautifully designed Gear.
  • Power Button
  • Multimedia steering control.
  • Airbags
  • Improved performance. 
  • An indicator light on side mirrors.
  • Other standard features.

This is the third series of Toyota Prius Hybrid. It came with a better engine and battery performance and more features.

Four Generation of Toyota Prius Hybrid:

This generation has don’t much change on this front. Just some length of light changes

The rear much looks different than the previous The length of light looks double than the previous one. The main light starts from the r and ends in lower and it has only one line. and overall the car looks much change than the previous one.

The look of the Prius is completely changed from the previous one. It looks like the interior of the generation. But it looks completely outstanding and attractive.

Features of 4th Generation Toyota Prius Hybrid:

  • Speedometer with more options.
  • An LCD with more features.
  • Multimedia Steering
  • Power Button.
  • Air Bags.
  • Other standard features.

This is the fourth generation of the Toyota Prius Hybrid. It starts from 1997 to now. It changes a lot from time to time. 

Overall Look of Toyota Prius Hybrid (1st to 4th Generation):

Toyota Prius the first Hybrid car

Toyota Prius the first Hybrid car

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