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Volkswagen is going to set their assembling plant:

The news regarding Volkswagen was circulating in the auto market for more than 2 years, but due to coronavirus, the development was stopped now two or three days ago. We heard that Volkswagen will invest 135 million to set up their assembly plant in Balochistan. Volkswagen has a plan to break the big three rulings.

But, we see that their initial variants are not as impressive as we thought. they are going to launch two variants, both are big vehicles, the Amarok 4×4 pickup truck is preparing for competition with Revo and other Chinese pickups. but,

In my opinion, this is not a good idea by Volkswagen because in Pakistan sedan and SUV competition are on the peak, whenever new car company its launch in Pakistan , they firstly launch SUVs or Sedans, but Volkswagen enters in the auto market of paksitan differently.



Amarok is actually a very good german 4×4 trucks, but when we see the 4×4 trucks, we see that Japanese and Americans made the best 4×4 pickup trucks, germans have come after these manufacturers, Amarok is german 4×4 a good looking handsome vehicles, but in Pakistan, now one can beat the Toyota Revo except American trucks because it has so aggressive looking and powerful performance.

Other 4×4 likes D-max, also very good looking vehicles and have well made interior and also have a good price, but when we compare with Revo, although Revo has a good price majority of the people still prefer Revo instead of D-max and others.

My reviews regarding this car are not bad, but due to the strong monopoly Toyota has, the car success rate in Pakistan is very difficult. in my opinion, if the car price has a range of a maximum of 5 million, then this car has a chance to break the monopoly of Toyota Revo. But, people know the Volkswagen car and this is the first German company establishing in Pakistan, people are initially happy about this and let’s see the further development.

no doubt the pickup made by the Volkswagen is so beautiful by seeing we also see performance details in the next development, the main thing is breaking the ruling of big three, Kia played the main role in breaking the ruling of big three, other companies also contribute their part. we see that these companies badly disturb the big threes.


Transporter Van T6

Transporter Van T6


We give our opinion, according to previous experiences, but everything you can expect in this era, let’s talk about their van, their van is good looking and standard van with standard features. you know in Pakistan the car launch with fewer features, although it was a good van good standard exterior and necessity interior, we heard that this van is going to compete with grand carnival and Hyundai stanex.

in my opinion, the comparison with Kia grand carnival is not ok because, the carnival is a luxury 11 seater van, with luxurious options and this transporter van is just a van.


The Ruling of Big Three:

Big three (Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki), these companies establish in paksitan for more than two decades, and still, they pre providing the low-quality car at the highest price, the sedan which is not worth more than 3 million, they are providing this in a 4.5 million, that’s very disappointing.

the big three have high car prices and the main responsible for this bad thing is customer, if the customer has made their mind that we should boycott these companies for like two or three months, big three companies will come on the floor and realize their mistakes and after this, the low their prices and make vehicles according to international standards.


Volkswagen Amarok and Transporter Van prices in Pakistan:

we heard that the price of Amarok truck is around 4 – 4.5 million, which’s a pretty good price, if the 4×4 is launch at the same price and international standards, then they are going to give tough competition to Toyota Revo. I repeat this term in almost every new launching car blog that the car success rate mainly depends on price in my opinion.

And transporter van price around 5 million, if this car price is actual then we appreciate Volkswagen for entering with a a well-played game in the auto industry of Pakistan. The price of the van is also very good. prices are decent for both cars and that’s a good thing. low price grabs the customer to buy their products, the Amarok will sell more than Transporter van in my opinion.


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