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Volkswagen Group:

Volkswagen group is the biggest car manufacture in the World. Volkswagen Group is also the biggest car brand owner. They own 12 world-class Brands. Volkswagen is famous because of providing a decent and luxury feature car at a decent price. They have daily life best cars.

Let’s take a brief look at what Volkswagen Group has.

  • Audi (German car company famous for its Luxury and superspeed cars).
  • SEAT (Daily life normal Spanish car manufacturer founded in 1950, Now a part of Volkswagen).
  • SKODA (The oldest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic, a daily life standard car manufacture).
  • Bentley (The finest car manufacturer in the world, they were a part of the Volkswagen group).
  • Bugatti (Fastest and most expensive car manufacturer in World).
  • Lamborghini (Supercar Manufacturer).
  • Porsche (Both Supercar and Luxury car manufacturer).
  • Volkswagen (A wide variety of daily life cars).
  • Scania (one of the Oldest commercial vehicle manufacture).
  • MAN (Leading commercial vehicle maker in Europe).


Pakistan’s auto industry is going to rise. The auto development policy is going to an end in June. The new auto policy will be a game-changer for Pakistan’s auto industry. Recently in 2018, A major comeback of KIA. KIA gave a very tough time to other auto manufacturers especially Honda. Because of Civic, very high price people shifted towards Sportage. Sportage is the best luxury low price car in Pakistan. In 5.5 million you see the great features. In 5.5 million this car really worth it. 

Now, the biggest car manufacturer Volkswagen group take initiative to bring two vehicles to Pakistan. Recently, they signed a contract with Premier Motors.

Premier motors are the ones who bring Audi to Pakistan. Premier Motors is the only sole distributor of Audi in Pakistan. Premier group is not a car manufacture or assembler. Basically, It was famous for having the largest private oil refinery in Pakistan. Volkswagen settles its new plant in Balochistan. Balochistan is suddenly going to rise because of CPEC.

Volkswagen will bring their plant this year but due to COVID-19, it is delayed up to 8 months. 

Volkswagen will start producing cars in 2022

They bring Volkswagen two vehicles. Volkswagen group slowly make a move to bring their brands to Pakistan. I think Volkswagen cars are going to very popular because of their name. People would definitely prefer to buy a Volkswagen car. But, It depends on the price. If Volkswagen pickup truck has a low price as compared to Hilux Revo then chances of success would be increases. 

In Pakistan, the Volkswagen group initially going to launch only two variants which is:


Amarok is a Volkswagen pick-up truck. They have both a single cabin and a double cabin. It will compete with Toyota Hilux Revo. Amarok is wide better than Hilux Revo. But, the question is what they offer in Amarok Pakistan’s version. If they give us better features than Hilux Revo then the chances of Amarok could be increased. 

We can’t talk clearly that which features Volkswagen group gave us in Pakistan. If they give the same feature as they provide features in other countries. Then it would definitely give a tough time to Hilux Revo.  

  • Also, the price plays a major role in the success of Amarok.
Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok

The exterior of the Amarok is quite decent. They have not a huge grill as other luxury pickup trucks have. The Amarok rear trunk is bigger than Hilux Revo. Also, this truck is wider than Revo. I see this car in reality, this car is quite impressive. But, I am again saying that Price playing the main role in Amarok’s reputation. 

KIA is now successful in Pakistan’s Auto-Industry. Because they provide luxurious features at a decent price as compared to Toyota and Honda. Volkswagen group should focus on price and features. 

The main reasons for shifting peoples towards other brands is just because of Toyota and Honda’s high prices.

For example, the Honda Civic RS turbo price is 47 and the KIA Sportage FWD price is 49 lac. The majority would prefer to buy Sportage rather than Civic RS.

Volkswagen Transporter Van:

Volkswagen group launch the second model of Volkswagen which is the Transporter Van. Hiace is the king of the Vans in Pakistan for so many years. I can tell you honestly no one could beat the Hiace in Pakistan. Hilux is the only option in vans. There are other vans such as Suzuki APV and Chinese vans but it could not survive for so long. 

KIA carnival, you can say it is the competitor of Hiace. Now new Hiace is too expensive and due to increases in the used market of Hiace now people would buy 2nd hand rather than a new one. Now I don’t clear about what Volkswagen is going to launch T6 the latest version of the van. I see in Pictures the car exterior is just well in my eye. When I see the interior, it is quite well and good.

The van’s success totally depends on price, when the price is high and they provide us not good features at a decent price then this car’s success rate is in danger. But, they have the advantage that there is no such high competition in vans. There are just KIA Carnival, Hyundai Starex, and Toyota Hiace.

Volkswagen Group Van t6 2020

Volkswagen Van t6


Pakistan’s Auto-policy is going to an end in 2021. The development in the auto industry is dependent on the new Auto-policy. I see the auto-industry is completely revolutionized or near to revolutionized in the next five years. Unfortunately, Auto development is too slow in Pakistan. The Pakistani people have the potential to buy a car. Because every rich or middle-class person has a dream to have their own car.

But, due to inflation, the purchasing power of customers is going to week. But when they have a wide variety of cars and lighter duties on Japanese cars than purchasing power in cars would be increased. 

Since 2016, the auto industry is gradually rising, Our Investor talks to the biggest car company in the World Tesla to set up their plant in Pakistan.

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