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Tesla Self Driving car accident

Tesla car met into an accident due to put in drive-less mode.


Sadly, we have to hear this: the world’s biggest, advanced and richest car manufacturer tesla, Tesla self driving cars made such a tragic and unexpected accident due to putting in Tesla self driving mode. This accident happened in America just a week ago. After a tragic accident, the car caught fire and totally burned.

When the news was coming, everyone is so shocked by hearing this that the two-person killed in America by enabling tesla self-driving mode and as a result, the car didn’t recognize the curve due to high speed and as a result, there is major accident happen, the car destroyed due to hitting a tree.

Two-person killed in 2019 Tesla Model S due to auto-pilot.

The first report says that the person was not sit in driving seat, two people both are in their 50s are sitting in a car, the driving seat was found empty while accident, this scene shows little bit controversial. Due to high speed and small road the car didn’t recognize the further road, the question is how good is the auto-pilot technology. When you google the auto-pilot, you find that Tesla is making the world’s best auto-pilot technology.

Despite all this, the overall majority of the people don’t believe in auto driving, and other people when they apply auto-pilot technology, apply with safety measures, but this guy took on another level, they believe 100% in auto-drive technology and as a result, they got met into an accident. 

No one was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident, said by the investigation team We can say that the auto-pilot technology is not completely reliable. But, the Tesla owner Elon Musk said, 

Still, there are so many questions rises, regarding this Tesla Self Driving Model S.

When the car is not in auto-pilot mode then why the driver doesn’t sit in driving seat?

There is the only possibility of this is, the driver and passenger are drunk so they don’t know what they are trying to do.

When the car is in auto-pilot mode then why this accident happens?

Because when the car is in high speed in auto-pilot mode in the dark road, they don’t recognize quickly road curve and as a result, they got met into an accident.


Tesla Model S Autopilot:

The car exterior have 8 cameras that covered all outside of the car, and 12 sensors combine and make road safety on its peak with a range of 250m.


Let’s have an experiment, when you google, the best car with an auto-pilot feature you see that is tesla model S is on the top. Some say, that this car is not in Tesla self driving mode or some say that this is in self driving mode.


In my opinion,

Tesla believes in their making so much and as you see their cars, their cars are so advanced and well made. The auto-pilot feature performs very well, but due to a small road and high speed, the car got badly damaged and passengers were dead.  

The world is getting so advanced day by day, but they can’t compete with human.

Because, these all things made by the human, still driving is such a focusing activity which artificial intelligence doesn’t have enough capability, having such an advanced technology but still machine can’t compete for the human mind.

Despite all these factors, in this incident, the passengers are responsible for deaths and accidents because of blindly believing in Tesla self driving technology. On the other side, Elon Musk claimed that this car is not in tesla self driving mode but the initial investigation tells us that this car is in tesla self driving mode.

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