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After Falling from Strong Sales:

Recently, we see a piece of horrific news that Toyota Yaris Sedan Discontinued in India due to poor selling response. Before two or three days back we heard, we see, we analyze that why this decision is made by Toyota in India.

Toyota Yaris Sedan Discontinued in India

Toyota Yaris

India is one of the biggest countries in terms of auto industry. Biggest and luxurious auto manufacturers like Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, and many well-knowns available with their showrooms in India. India is filled with car lovers although it’s a poor country still we see luxurious and high beast on road.

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Toyota Yaris Sedan didn’t get a strong response in India and the amazing news is Toyota Yaris Sedan is the highest car selling in Pakistan. Two countries with the same tradition and same culture also with the same mindset, but the success of same thing is different, In same year and same time, but the result is different.

In performance, no doubt Yaris is a good car but from the exterior and interior, it is very ugly. From the exterior, the front looks very ugly, the light style and the front grille design are very bad it makes car impression very bad. DRLs placed very strangely these all things create a very bad impression.

We don’t like this car and from the back, it looks better as compared to front, from the front all things are placed and their design is not beauty friendly.

Third ugliest car in the world

Toyota Yaris Sedan is included as one of the ugliest cars in the world is just because of its angry and ugly look. Due to their monopoly and having the ability to grab people’s mindset, that’s why it is successful in Pakistan.

But, compared to India, there is a different situation because as I mentioned, there are world knew and top car companies available with their officials. India has better options in the auto industry as compared to Pakistan. In our opinion, India took a better decision, Toyota knows how much their loss is made and how badly insult they took through their Toyota Yaris Sedan.

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Through this wise decision, Toyota should arrange a meeting on global level and made major changes, in my opinion, Toyota should completely transform this car into a better one. No doubt, the Yaris market is badly disturbed and in rest of the world, this car takes insult and made a bad image of Toyota. But, due to the wide availability of cars, people utilize other resources.

But in Pakistan, we transferred and say very bad words when Toyota launches this car, but unfortunately at the same time, we still want to buy this car. It’s strange that we say bad words and spend millions of PKR to ugly good and also give bad words at the same time.

No doubt in performance this car is best and very economic friendly we traveled 600 Km in just 18 USD, one of the main reason for selling in high units that is fuel efficiency. Although we still dislike this car we appreciate Toyota Yaris Sedan for being very friendly in terms of fuel.

Toyota Yaris Sedan comes with standard features like Traction, Cruise control, Multimedia screen, ABS, Airbags, but we miss the sunroof. Toyota made this a compact sedan but it also missed the sunroof. Sunroof is the main and attractive feature that we enjoy on vacations.

Toyota is the biggest car company in the world and just because of Corolla. Yaris is the new version of Corolla, Corolla is most sold car in the world but Yaris ruined this legacy.


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