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Land Cruiser:

Toyota land cruiser is among one of the best large-size SUV in the world. Land Cruiser made by Toyota, the biggest and best vehicle manufacturers in the world. We are going to compare Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover. It is also one of the oldest SUVs in the World. When we going to talk about SUVs, we see Land Cruiser is on the top of the list. You can see Land Cruiser in almost every country. A 7 seater SUV with all the advanced features.

We see 4*4 in huge amounts in the Middle East or Arab Countries. One of the reasons for Toyota’s popularity is Land Cruiser. Land Cruiser itself a very luxurious off-road. Strong and sensitive traction keeps the car stable on the road. When you drive off-road, the traction in tyres is shifted according to the required power of every tyre.

Also, the suspension of this car is very strong. A strong suspension keeps your car strong and stable on the road. The height adjustment feature is also available in this car. You adjust your car height according to the road.

Biggest car company in the world
Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover | Land Cruiser

Let’s come to the exterior, we see a large size and weighted SUV. A full-size front with LED lights and an attractive grill gives us a sporty look SUV. Also the same size light we see on the back and the car looks beautiful on the back. When we compare Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover in the back look, we see Range Rover more beautiful. Land Cruiser has horizontal style light and Range Rover have vertical-style light.

In the Interior, the first impression of the Land Cruiser is very good. A large size multimedia screen and car controls button with car adjustment options looks like a control area. Also available multimedia screen on the back.

Around Gear, you see soo many buttons regarding car controls. When you sit on a comfortable driver seat you see an analog speed-o-meter. In my opinion, Land Cruiser should have a digital speed-o-meter. Now in new and luxury cars, you see digital speed-o-meter.

Range Rover:

Range Rover is a British SUV made by Land Rover. Land Rover / Discovery is famous for its strong body and reliability. Range Rover first make in 1969. Initially Range Rover make in 3 doors, not 5 doors. The five-door model was not added until 1981. Old Range Rover is still in the market and we see it on the roads.

Now let’s see the model Range Rover Vogue. When we compare Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover in the exterior. We see Range Rover has a beautiful exterior in a compact shape as compared to Land Cruiser. A beautiful LED light and the car grill give us great look. As we see back, the vertical style light also increases car attraction. When we compare Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover in size, we see range rover has a compact shape.

Now come in Interior, you see a more digital interior as compared to Land Cruiser. A Two multimedia screen gives us car options. The gear area is also less as compared to Cruiser. Seat controls are given in the doors. When we compare Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover in the interior, Vogue interior gives us a simple and fully advanced look.

In my opinion, the main disadvantage is, when we compare Toyota Land Crusier vs Range Rover in Maintenence, we see Range Rover have high Maintenence cost because of advanced technology came in Range Rover. Land Cruiser has easily maintained as compared to Land Cruiser.

Range Rover
Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover | Range Rover

The Sped-o-meter of Vogue is completely digital. Range Rover is more digitalize than Cruiser. Rover also comes in Hybrid mode. Toyota doesn’t introduce the hybrid feature in the land Cruiser. The traction sensor is very accurate in Range Rover Vogue. The car adjusts their tyre power according to track. The suspension of Vogue also has a great performance, when you drive off-road the car suspension performs very well.

Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover both gives us driving modes and height adjustment. Range Rover gives us a sporty look as compared to Land Cruiser. Both car companies are old and both cars are reliable In British country, they use Range Rover, and in other countries like the Middle East or Asia, they mostly use Land Cruiser. 

Range Rover is a more technical or high technology car than Land Cruiser. In Asia Countries, mostly people use Land Cruiser because the car parts and maintainence is easily available in Asia.

Which country is using more Range Rover?

Mostly American and European used Range Rover as compared to Land Cruiser, and In Asia and the Middle East, they use Land Cruiser.

Comparison of Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover

Land Cruiser

Range Rover

8 Seater


V-Type 4461 CC Engine

Turbo Charge Engine

381 HP 

Front and Back heated seats

Traction Control 

8-Speed Automatic Transmission

Auto Climate Control

Double Wishbone Suspension with coil springs and stablizer bar

Multi-Terrain Mirror (Front, Rear and Sides camera)

Analog Speed-o-meter with small digtial screen

Multimedia screen on back seats

Cool Box

Standard Roof

Radar Cruise Control 

10 Airbags

Vehicle stability control

5 or 8 Seater


SD V8 4367 CC Engine

Diesel Engine

339 HP

Heated Front seats and Sterring

Traction Control

8 Speed Automaic Transmission

Auto Climate Control

Electronic Air Suspension


Some Variants have 360 camera 


Fully digital Speed-o-meter

Multimedia screen on back seats

Some variants have Cool Box

Panaromic Roof

Adaptive Cruise Control

10 Airbags

Vehicle stability contro

Comparison of Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover, mostly features are same, main difference is exterior and interior of every car. Now we compare the Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover in every context. 

Well the both cars also have huge price difference, the range rover price starts from 92,000$ to 131,000$. This is due to advanced technology and more sensors than Land Cruiser. 

Some car features taken from official and top rated websties Now the Comparison of Toyota Land Cruiser vs Range Rover is ended. If I did anything or mis guide then comment down below.


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