Top of the line Mercedes | Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman the luxury on it’s peak:

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Mercedes is the name and mindset of cars, when we are going to talk about cars, we never forget Mercedes. Because Mercedes is the father of Modern Vehicles. World can’t forget Mercedes in any terms. Mercedes S-Class is top of the line Mercedes. The lineup of S-Class is the world’s best luxury series.

Luxury word is incomplete without Mercedes. Luxurious Mercedes is even more luxurious with the hard work of Maybach. Maybach is the subsidiary of Mercedes. You are going to see some of the best Maybach work.

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Top of the line Mercedes contains high-class luxurious work that helps to make rich people mind to buy this car. Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman is not an ordinary car, the car cost more than Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is declared as the most luxurious car in the world. Pullman is more expensive than this Phantom. Because this car is made under the ultimate company Maybach.

When you see the detailed work you are shocked, I know this car is very expensive, but after seeing this car, we realized that this car is worthy.

Ultimate Exterior:

Top of the line Mercedes have a highly gorgeous exterior

First impression of this top of the line Mercedes seems like it’s a mini limo. Because it’s a long size car than normal Mercedes. Front looks just like normal S-Class. S-Class exterior seems so luxurious, it gave us royal feelings. Mercedes has done impressive work with the collaboration of Maybach as we seem.

The only thing which is different from a normal S-Class is the side look. Side look presents us the look of Limousine. The long-size cars always impress the viewers, but this car is something extraordinary, it is made by Maybach.

Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman

Like you see Overall this car is the same as a normal S-Class, the only difference is this car is made in terms of highly luxurious and gorgeous making. We found this car very great. Although it was very expensive. This car new version is made later.

Luxurious Interior:

Meet interior that’s worth more than 1 Million USD.

That’s why we called this as top of the line Mercedes. Mercedes have only a luxurious interior not futuristic. It’s impossible, we found Mercedes S600 Pullman interior very futuristic, we found advanced things in the car. Technology and luxury make a car more worthy.

You never see such a car that is luxury and not futuristic, and futuristic but not luxury. These two elements make a car worthy. The new version of S-Class is more advanced and unbelievable work done by Mercedes. The electric version is phenomenal, everything is automatic. Mercedes S-Class EQS has more than 300 sensors, which is insane.

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The interior is as usual just like ordinary S-Class have. But, you see another world when we open the rear door.

Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman has six seats

This means in the back cabin the 4 people can sit easily. The two seats towards the front, have fully automated and luxurious seats made with the help of the highest and finest quality leather made. Under the rear cabin, you feel like it’s a home, you can enjoy a high-quality big screen and two personal screens with a refrigerator and sit in those seats which are converted into a bed.

The cabin is fully controlled and loaded with all features, that you can imagine. It feels like you are sitting in a fully loaded home. Refrigerator, Screens, internet, bed converted sofa, and massage seats. Here you see the top of the line Mercedes S600 Pullman.

Mercedes S600 Pullman Price:

This top of the line Mercedes has nos specific price. This car is fully customized and design. So, it has no specific price, we heard a price of this car around 1.4 Million USD. Overall, the car seems very great and it also helps you to save from attack due to high steel material.

Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman

Features are almost the same as Mercedes S-Class.

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