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The auto sector is one of the leading industries in the World. Every rich or poor person has a dream to have their own car.


Car Manufacturers are included in one of those sectors that have the most innovation. Every day, a new improvement came in the auto sector. Tesla is the biggest Car innovator in my eye. We see new car companies came every year. Initially, the car which runs on petrol and diesel, before some years, Hybrid and Electric cars are coming. Now, the Car Manufacturers have focused on Electric Vehicles.

Let’s see the top 10 Car Manufacturers in the World


Toyota the leading Car Manufacturers in the World. Toyota is a Japanese company founded by Kiichrio Toyoda on August 28, 1937. He is the son of Sakichi Toyoda (the founder of Toyoda loom). This family is considered the “King of Innovators” in Japan. Toyota cars have a wide variety of cars. They have all types of cars Hatchback, Sedan, SUVs Pickup Trucks, Sportscar, Formula 1 racing car, and Buses. 


The biggest car group in the World is Volkswagen is founded by the party German Labour Front led by Robert Ley. Volkswagen owns 11 world-class car manufacturers. Leading Dispute between Toyota and Volkswagen. Sometimes Volkswagen is on number 1 and sometimes Toyota is on number 1. These are the two biggest number of car manufacturers for so long. Volkswagen all variants are standard variants, an even lower-middle-class person can own this car. Volkswagen. “The German Giant”.

Volkswagen Group owns 12 manufacturers companies. 

  • Audi (The luxurious sedan, SUVs, and supercar maker).
  • Bentley (Finest car maker in World).
  • Bugatti (Most Expensive car maker in World).
  • Ducati (Italian Heavy Bike Maker).
  • Lamborghini (Best super and Hypercar maker).
  • MAN (Leading commercial vehicle manufacturers).
  • Porsche (Expensive, Supercar, and Formula 1 manufacturers).
  • SEAT (Spanish automobile manufacturers).
  • SCANIA (One of the biggest commercial vehicles maker in Europe).
  • SKODA (One of the oldest carmakers, a company in the Czech Republic).
  • Volkswagen (Daily life vehicle producer).
  • Volkswagen Commerical Vehicles (Vans and Heavy vehicles).

Daimler AG:

Daimler AG is a group of Companies and the Subsidiary company is Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz is the most popular car manufacturers. Karl Benz is known as “The Father of Modern Vehicles” invented the first modern car. Also the founder of Mercedes-Benz. Daimler AG includes several car brands. Gottlieb Daimler is the founder of Daimler AG.

Ford Motors:

Ford Motors is one of the largest car manufacturers in America and also in the World. Ford Motors own Lincoln (Lincoln included in top 5 luxurious SUVs maker). Ford motors are famous because of their huge size pickups. They are so huge in size. But, It also looks great. Ford cars are spread almost all over the World.


Honda is a Japanese based multinational car manufacturers. Honda is famous because of its Main models Civic and Accord. The new car Honda Acura (luxury sedan of Honda) and the supercar of Honda is NSX (price is more than 110,000$). Honda and Toyota sedans have competition all over the World. Civic is the most popular car in Honda. 

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW):

Basically, BMW was famous because of making aircraft engines. The company was founded in 1916. Gustav Otto is considered BMW’s first car maker. The other founders are Karl Rapp,Camillio Castiglioni and Franz Joseph Pop. BMW is famous because of their well known Luxurious sedan which is BMW 7 series. the ultimate luxury sedans with all comfort and features. The other series are (X-series which is SUV series) and (8-series which is supercar series) and I series (Electric vehicles).

Rolls-Royce is also a subsidiary company of BMW. Rolls-Royce is known as “the Luxurious car maker” in World.

General Motors:

William C.Durant and Charles Stewart Mott founded general Motors on September 16, 1908. General Motors (The largest car manufacturer in the US). General motors is a parent company and Subsidiary companies are.

  • General Motors Corporation-GMC (Famous for luxury SUVs and Pickups).
  • Chevrolet (Famous for making affordable standard Sedan, SUVs, and supercars).
  • Cadillac (Known for standard and Luxurious SUVs and Sedans).

The American president also using Cadillac SUVs.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles:

On 18 July 1899. Giovanni Agnelli founded FIAT. FIAT is the largest car manufacturer in Italy. FIAT gives us daily life hatchbacks and Sedans with decent features. FIAT have made their name in the world of car manufacturers. 

Hyundai Motors:

Chung Ju-Yung founds Hyundai Motors in 1947. The company initially worked as a construction company. In 1967, the company made its first car in collaboration with Ford Motors. Hyundai gives us the (decent sedans). Hyundai is the largest car manufacturer in South Korea. Recently, In Pakistan, the Hyundai car gains so much popularity.


Nissan is also a Japanese multinational Car Manufacturers. It was founded by Yoshisuke Aikawa others are William Gorham, Masujiro Hashimoto, and Rokuro Ayama. Nissan provides us (daily life sedans and some electric vehicles). Nissan is a subsidiary company of Renault. 

This manufacturer’s ranking is taken from Investopedia

We see all Top car companies. Most of them are Japanese and Germans. Toyota is the largest car manufacturer on this planet. I like Toyota because they give us a wide variety of cars. 

Lexus is the subsidiary company of Toyota. Lexus is also one of the latest carmakers. Latest Lexus has auto-pilot features. Lexus LX 570 and Toyota V8 Land Cruiser is considered powerful large-size AWD vehicles. The latest Lexus models are also luxury. But, only LX 570 is the most useable car all over the World. But, In Japan, the number of Lexus vehicles is very impressive. Lexus car is High Technology car. 

Toyota vs Volkswagen: 

Top 10 car manufacturers in the World

Toyota vs Volkswagen


We see a leading dispute between Toyota and Volkswagen. I think Toyota is won because the Volkswagen group is large and the Toyota group is small. So, technically Toyota is the largest car manufacturer than Volkswagen. Volkswagen doesn’t own such an impressive car but its subsidiary company is well-performing. All companies have made their name in almost every type of Vehicle. 

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