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The New Era of Land Cruiser:

In this blog, we are going to see the all-new land cruiser 2022. When we are going to talk about 4×4 vehicles, we never forget the land cruiser. In my eye, it is on the top of 4×4 vehicles, the best and the most useful 4×4 SUV, and also the reliable car. The land cruiser is a beautiful, powerful, strong, aggressive, and full-size SUV that used all over the world. till 2020, Toyota impresses us very much with this car, but this land cruiser 2022 little bit disappointed us.

Land Cruiser 2022:


The New Era of Land Cruiser 2022

Land Cruiser


Everything has advantages and disadvantages, performance-wise this SUV is the best. It’s a 7 seater Toyota’s luxurious SUV that came with standard and advanced features. This time they come with a little new style.

Toyota made the new aggressive style. But, I didn’t like it because the old version looks more beautiful and aggressive, this time Toyota land cruiser 2022 lit bit disappoint us. The leak photos of this land cruiser we see before two or three days ago. Personally, we don’t like this car because of its front and back look.


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The old model looks more beautiful. also, the interior is very beautiful. Official photos will not release yet. These are the leaked photos of land cruiser 2022 during shipping. However, people also criticize this car because of its mini look the car doesn’t give us the beautiful look as the old land cruiser gave.

When we see a land cruiser on the roads, we see this car until they disappear. But, we don’t feel this type of vibes in the upcoming land cruiser. The front made stylistically. The combination of the signature chrome grill and the trendy smiley grill makes a car sporty look. I think the grill size should be small. The grill looks very similar to the tundra style.

The sides look almost as usual as the previous model has. But, I didn’t agree with the rear. Firstly they made little changes on the back. The light design changes a little bit. It is seriously disappointing because I see that Toyota brings very few changes to the car exterior and bring major changes to the car interior. When you realize the car exterior for a moment you feel very little changes. But, when you step into the car, you feel major changes in the interior.

Feel like this is a car interior, not a cruiser interior. Usually, when I see the interior I first thought this is a car interior. in the previous cruiser, we see the huge and the filled interior, in this we feel like some empty space. Although the interior made in a very stylistic way. The driving modes placed in the central console look very beautiful.


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I can’t say that this interior is not beautiful, Toyota brings major changes in this land cruiser 2021. I only say that the interior design according to the sedan, not the SUV. The touch panel is placed on the top. I noticed a trend that when the upcoming car mostly car has a touch panel on the top not in the middle or below. As we see the land cruiser, the touch panel is on the top of the central console.

The new thing in land cruiser 2022:

I see a new thing in this land cruiser 2022 is, in this model, they are offering a V6 Engine. A V6 twin turbo-charged 3.5 L engine and V6 diesel 3.3 L engine. The petrol engine producing 409 HP and the diesel engine producing 301 HP. While the old one has a v8 engine. In Pakistan, it is called v8 because of its V8 engine. This generation comes with major changes and let’s see the further details. Leaked photos and other information is taken from Carbuzz.


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