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Most Ugliest Car in the World in 2020:

In this world, everything making is not perfect, especially man-made things. Man-made things have advantages and disadvantages as well. When you analyze deeply you found that every man-made thing has both things. In the auto world, we see some disadvantages, also from bigger companies. Today we are going to see the most ugliest car in the world in 2020 made by the biggest car company in the World.

We never expect such a bad thing made by this company. when you see it you also disappoint by this making. But, people think this is not on the top of the ugliest car, but I think and agree that it is the most ugliest car globally in 2020 cars.

Toyota Yaris 2020:

The Most Ugliest Car in the World 2020:

Most ugliest car in the world Toyota Yaris | Pakwheels

Yes, it is the most ugliest car in the world in 2020 because, i don’t know what type of car they made. It’s not look like proper sedan or hatchback. They made this car between these categories. The car structure and style looks very weak they have very similar structure to old PLATZ. In the advanced auto world, this type of car structure is not good or considered a successful structure.

In Pakistan, this car has totally flopped because Pakistan is considered Toyota’s lover. But in 2020 many people dislike this car and shifted to other companies, they break their loyalty to Toyota because of Yaris. The new Corolla model is lit, they bring many major changes the car exterior and interior is made very well. But, when we see Yaris we were very disappointed.

The exterior style is very strange, it was a mid-size sedan and their lights size are so odd very long lights make this type of car very ugly especially in this Yaris due to the front long headlights the car looks strange and as compare to back, the back looks a little bit better and the side looks just ok. the main disadvantage of this car is the front look. the front look makes this car ugly.


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The interior is not as much impressive as we expected. Some people do not criticize the interior but, I didn’t like the interior. The car’s reputation is built so bad that if the car has anything good then it wouldn’t appreciate or highlight. Yaris made a very bad reputation in Pakistan, Toyota faces so much loss in sales after Yaris. Yaris Hatchback is a good car in some countries it is called Vitz. Vitz is a good hatchback and widely used but the sedan model is not good.

In Pakistan, Yaris also has a high price, that’s why people hate this car most. This most ugliest car in the world has a starting price of 2.3 million PKR. The high price is also the main reason for Yaris is not accepted by Pakistan and other countries. But, as I told you everything is not perfect, Toyota made such a beautiful and reliable car and also made some bad-looking cars, it’s not a big deal. Due to fewer options in Pakistan, People have no others choices in Toyota sedans, they have only two: Yaris and Grande.

Toyota Yaris

Most ugliest car in the world | Toyota Yaris


Corolla is the most sold car in the world. You can say Yaris Sedan is the sub-model of Corolla, the new model of Corolla is lit. I mean Toyota brings major changes in new Toyota. But, as I talked I am very disappointed by this Toyota Yaris. We see that the Yaris hatchback is liked by people and good for normal use. By Performance, Toyota cars are reliable and good and recommended, but in looking the Yaris is the worst model of Toyota.


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As an auto blogger, I reviewed this car and mark it as the most ugliest car in the world, If you don’t agree with that then contact us through E-Mail.


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