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There are many car companies which are sold in millions. But, we see especially that which car is the most popular and the most sold in the World. That is,

Toyota Corolla:

The most popular car in the World

Toyota is the world’s leading Japanese auto manufacturer. They have a vast range of vehicles, Formula 1, trucks, and buses. The most popular sedan is the Corolla. The first model of Corolla was introduced in 1966. From this day to that day, 12 generations of corolla were made and each of them has its own class.

But now, due to the new Yaris, Toyota doesn’t much appreciate because of making such an ugly Corolla. It is introduced as an alternate of Corolla. Especially in Pakistan, due to the vast variety of new models of different companies coming in Pakistan.

Toyota is criticized for Yaris making. I mean Pakistani are a huge fan of Toyota especially Corolla but, the new shape disappointed us so much. Also, the rest of the World doesn’t appreciate this model, and Yaris is included as one of the ugliest cars in the World.


Toyota Yaris car

Toyota Yaris


Toyota Corolla is the most popular, useful, and soldable car because of:

  • Cheap Price.
  • Standard Features.
  • Good Average.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Reliable.
  • Fit in every road.
  • Affordable for the rich or middle-class person.

Toyota Corolla in Pakistan is considered as “Rough and Tough”. Toyota Corolla can also run on the unpaved road as compared to Honda, Honda is not reliable on unpaved roads in the long-term because, Difference between Honda Car and the ground is low, so that’s why it affects the base especially the front bumper.

Toyota Corolla is the best car in all over the World. Only Corolla achieved this high ranking in the World. Almost 44 million models of Corolla were sold. No other one can achieve this high ranking and popularity.

Japan and Germany are the Car manufacturer Giant. Japenese cars and German cars are the most useable cars in the World. Germany is a luxurious car maker. Volkswagen the biggest car manufacturer in the World is located in Germany. Many well known luxurious brand is under Volkswagen Group.

Toyota owns only Lexus and Diahstu. Both other companies’ cars are also well known especially Lexus 570. Lexus 570 is one of the most popular and luxury big SUV in the World. Come back to Corolla. Corolla starts in 1966 when the first generation was introduced. Corolla is a long-term car, which you can easily use for up to 20 years. 


The Futuristic Corolla:

Corolla is the daily use car, but we see the unreviled pictures of Corolla Hatchback, it gives us look futuristic. 

Corolla Hatchback:

Corolla now introduces their Hatchback as the Future car. They officially introduce Corolla in 2022. We see the reviled pictures of Corolla, it seems very impressive.

In my eye, Toyota impresses by Volkswagen Golf. The back of the Corolla Hatchback is looking as same as Golf. Toyota introduces its first modern hatchback before this, Toyota Vitz is their first Hatchback. Every model of Toyota is gone in popularity. We don’t know many features of the Corolla Hatchback but see the exterior from pictures, I impress.

The futuristic Corolla is launched by Toyota in Japan. Toyota grabs the automobile market for so many years. I think Toyota Hatchback will give very tough competition to other Hatchback makers. 

It will go to very successful because It’s Toyota’s first modern Hatchback. The hype of this car is already created in the auto industry. The initial revealing of this car is very powerful. 

At the same time, Toyota realizes that Yaris is the biggest blunder of Toyota had ever had. The ugliest car of Toyota in history. Not individually I am saying this, the rest of the World has the same opinion in Yaris. The ugliest model of Corolla has ever made.

Pakistanis are a huge fan of Corolla. Now this new model, Pakistanis are also disappointed. That’s why it is the main reason peoples shifted from Toyota to other companies, Price is also the main reason for the failure of Toyota Yaris. We see commercials for Yaris on every TV channel.

Toyota Corolla Hatchback 2021

Toyota Corolla Hatchback 2021

In Pakistan, this car starts at 14,000$, RS 2.2 million. Before this, Toyota doesn’t need to promote their models. But this time, Yaris doesn’t create a powerful image of Toyota. But some peoples still buy this ugly model. 

Yaris hatchback is also introduced in other countries. But in Pakistan, it is called Vitz. Vitz’s previous model was successful. Yaris is still gone popular because of Toyota’s product. Otherwise, when it is a product of another company, it will have totally flopped. Yaris is still running because of Toyota’s name. 

In Pakistan, Because of the small variety of cars given by Toyota. People buy Yaris because they want a new car and they don’t have any option except Honda. When more options are available in Pakistan, Yaris will go totally flopped. 

But the new Toyota Corolla Grande has also an impressive exterior. Exterior looks like they take an idea from Camry. Camry is also one of the luxurious sedans of Corolla. In Pakistan, unfortunately, there are only four models were assembled in Pakistan.

  • Toyota Yaris.
  • Toyota Grande.
  • Toyota Revo
  • Toyota Fortuner.

Toyota has hundreds of models in the rest of the World. We have heard that Toyota Crossover is introduced in Pakistan. The first hybrid SUV introduces officially in Pakistan. Because of the trend of changing cars. 

KIA Sportage the trend setter in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the trendsetter is KIA Sportage, because they give a luxurious car at a decent price.We see so many years of Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki ruling the auto-industry. But now, due to auto policies and the new companies is coming. These companies sales were decreasing gradually.

It needs some time to compete with these threes but in the end, these three will realize that if they don’t give the latest product at a good price these will not go successful anymore.

Let’s see how Toyota is treated with Corolla in the Future. 

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