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The Japanese luxurious car:

Lexus, a part of Toyota makes such luxurious and mind-blowing cars. their flagship sedans are one of the most luxurious and fastest sedans in the world. Lexus car made with premium quality things and powerful engine. The “ls” series is a flagship sedan of Lexus. here I will show you the luxurious and powerful sedan Lexus ls 500 h price, features, and reviews.

Lexus ls 500 h:

lexus ls 500 h price

Lexus ls 500 h price, features, and reviews.


One of the most powerful and luxurious sedans made by the Lexus. this car is very famous because of many reasons, firstly the comfort level and the technology at its peak. The car exterior looks like flagship and premium level, the car front look is very great. the headlight design is very ultimate impressive. the full size with led lights makes the car more premium, and Lexus’s signature grill makes the car more beautiful.

side look is normal of this car, but the addition of rim makes the car more sporty. from the side, you feel like it’s a full-size sedan.

let’s come to the rear, the taillight design is something different from other cars have. the car looks more sporty and luxurious than the front. the rear light design is something very special. you can say it’s an arrow-style design with great perfection.


the advanced interior:

the first impression of this Lexus interior is very simple. you don’t feel something special, but if you study this car deeply you find that this car is filled with great technology. firstly, the dashboard design is very unique. you see the dashboard grill style that starts from central ac and ended. above this grill, you see another ac grill for passengers. this dashboard design is very unique.

the central console is also very decent. beautifully placed the things in the central console. but, the main disadvantage is found in the speed-o-meter size. the speed-o-meter size is very small. despite this factor, you feel very exclusive while sitting in the car. the interior is made with premium leather and the combination of colors makes this car more unique.

the ultimate feel started when you sit in the back of the car. the back consist of three seats, the mid seat is adjustable. the mid creates separation and space between two seats is very well. beautifully fitted screen and buttons in this middle seat. the rear entertainment system is very great and entertaining. the rear seats have more options and ways of adjusting.

the back sofa sets feel very luxurious. but, when you expand it, you feel the ultimate level of feelings overall, the car looks exterior and the interior is very great and worthy. this car is come in 6 variants, here I will show you is the most premium model Lexus ls 500 h features.


lexus ls 500 h price

Lexus ls 500 h price features, and reviews.


Lexus ls 500 h features:

  • 10-speed direct transmission.
  • Mark Levison sound system 3d audio technology.
  • Alexa compatibility.
  • the digital display on the windscreen.
  • 16-way adjustable seats.
  • 28-way driver-adjustable massage seats.
  • power rear sunshade.
  • all seats are having climate control.
  • air filtration system.
  • rain sensors.
  • noise reduction.
  • headlights washer.
  • accessible with the Lexus app.
  • engine start through the app.
  • auto-braking.
  • different driving modes.
  • other standard features.


Lexus ls 500 h safety features:

  • pre-collision and pedestrian system.
  • lane tracing assist.
  • road sign assist.
  • lane changing assist.
  • 10 airbags.
  • panaromic view monitor.
  • front cross-traffic alert.


Lexus ls 500 h engine performance:

  • 3.5 l v6 four-cylinder engine.
  • 354 hp.
  • 0-100 in 5.5 seconds.
  • 261 lb-ft of torque.
  • adaptive air suspension with rapid height control. 


Lexus ls 500 h price:

the Lexus ls 500 h price is different for different models. this car have six variants starts from 76,000$ and end in 93,750$ . this Lexus ls 500 h price is 93,750$ which is worthy in my opinion. with additional packages, this Lexus ls 500 h price will go up to 115,000$. the price of these cars officially told by Lexus.


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