The Future Rolls Royce | Rolls-Royce 103ex The Car of 2035:

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The Future Rolls Royce 103ex:

British and the world’s most luxurious car maker make the future Rolls Royce. The futuristic car was first revealed in 2016. When the car was revealed everyone shocked by seeing the car. Some say the car was not real and someone not believing. Rolls-Royce made such a powerful entry in revealing concept cars. This future Rolls Royce is fully loaded with electric power.

We see many concept cars revealing mostly they are based on electric power. That’s means we see a strong future for EVs. This future Rolls Royce is lit. This is also the first electric car of Rolls-Royce. The auto sector strongly works on EVs, yesterday Lexus launched their futuristic SUV which is impressive. This car was revealed almost 5 years ago and still trending because let’s see.


Rolls-Royce 103ex:

103ex means this is 103 car and ex is experiment

Rolls-Royce made this premium car with a futuristic design, the Rolls-Royce made such a powerful and advanced car that everyone wished to have them or at least sit once in a car.


Future Rolls Royce car | Supercarblondie



The ultimate and premium design with the most advanced look and features. From the front, we see the signature grill and light. The car grill and headlight are as same as the other Rolls-Royces have. Traditional front with side cut bumper for aerodynamics. The aerodynamics will be way better by this design. Car shocks and suspension also placed very great. A thin line that connects the tyre to the engine.

This future Rolls Royce is the most advanced cars till now, they don’t have this type of side. The first thing you notice is the car has a covered tyre, you see it as the box. Half of the car is covered because of good aerodynamics. The car almost touches the ground the car is too low, sharp side with box design tyre covering that’s something different.

The most mindblowing part of the exterior is their door, the car has only one door which is opening upwards. The door is made in such a good way that you can easily enter the car when you sit in the car your head doesn’t touch with car head.

The front has a traditional grill and headlight but the rear is way different from the exterior. From the back, it looks like 103ex having no rear bumper and other things on the back. But, the car design is so sharp that they don’t need typical things. Also, we out of speech when we see that there are no side mirrors in this, the car will see all side itself.

The perfection part is the perfectly made car boot on the side of the car. Beside the door, they made a luggage area that’s perfectly fit two big luggage bags. The glasswork is at its peak, we see that the car front glass, rear, side and roof glass are all made in one unit. Overall, the car outside amazed everyone.



The most advanced car interior in the world

Because, when you enter in the car you see a couch and just one screen. The complete autonomous car had no traditional thing. No steering, no gear, no pedals, no dashboard like just thing and tell the car where you go, the car will go itself.

When you sit in the car, you feel like sitting in a luxurious lounge. Very soft carpet stick with the ground, original wood layer on doors + the amazing thing is they have a traditional analog clock in the car. We see that they don’t lose their signature features with new advanced technology.

You see the mindblowing things which are:

  • Good for aerodynamics.
  • Covered tires.
  • Ultimate design back.
  • No side mirrors
  • One-sided door, enough open to stand or perfectly sit in the car.
  • Luxurious TV lounge design interior.
  • Smooth carpet and original wood interior.
  • No steering.
  • No pedals.
  • No gear.
  • Fully Electric.
  • Completely autonomous car.

Now we fully covered this future Rolls Royce car, ultimate design, and end level technology usages we see in this future Rolls-Royce. Let’s see further when the car is going to be mass-produced in the future.

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