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Electric Vehicles or E-vehicles is a type of car that fully runs on battery.

E-vehicles has initially launched by py General Motors. We also talk briefly in the previous blog. General Motors launched its first modern electric vehicle (EV1). The electronic vehicle history starts in the 19th century. But, we talk about the modern electric car, the electric car concept is very old but, it is considered as a concept or test trial of a car.

Now, this electric vehicle concept is going to rise, because the main reason is pollution. There are many dangerous diseases that start with air pollution. We need to stop this by taking serious steps. The air is got dirtier and dirtier now, Every country should take participate and running an awareness campaign about Air Pollution.

Now, pollution is out of control now, but when the whole world took the stand and use electric vehicles in cities, then it is going controlled.

Air pollution comes with traditional cars such as:

  • Smoke coming out from the silencer in the car.

Noise pollution also comes with these cars such as:

  • While Driving (Engine sound).
  • Old’s car silencer.

Now, electric vehicles are going on trending. The rapid improvement in electric vehicles is happening now. Initially, when electric cars arrived, the main problem is their battery timing. Companies focused on this issue and increased battery timings.

The Electric vehicles have the main and biggest advantage is:

  • No fuel expense.
  • No pollution.
  • Soundless car.
  • Lighter power than traditional cars.
  • Less costly than traditional cars.

In my opinion, electric vehicles are not so common in spite of having less cost. The people would prefer traditional vehicles rather than electric vehicles because of.

  • Traditional cars have more power than electric cars.
  • Electric cars are not preferable on long routes.
  • In mountain and unpaved areas or roads, the electric vehicles are not working.
  • Electric vehicles only run on smooth roads.
Electric vehicle Charging

Electric vehicle Charging


Despite all of them, Electric cars must be used in cities. I know this change is not easy but due to reducing air pollution, we must take a step.

Those who think that converting into an electric vehicle is difficult then they should try to shift into Hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicle (The car that runs on both, Petrol or battery). The hybrid car is also great, no car smoke, no engine sound. In cities, you can run a car on a battery. How?. The answer is, In cities and on smooth roads the car needs less power.

And, when you are on the rural or unpaved road, the car will automatically be shifted into petrol. For example: when you are on the unpaved road the car needs more power when you suddenly accelerate the car the vehicle will automatically convert into petrol.

Electric vehicles are common, but the main thing is the car charging. Car charging is rare. In cities, we easily find car charging stations, but in rural areas, this concept is not normal. But city people should use electric vehicles. For those who own two cars, one must have an electric car.

Electric vehicles are available in both types of Standard and Luxury. In a Standard car, car companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and other companies have a low budget hatchback or sedan shape car.

In Pakistan, electric vehicle technology is looked at by peoples very positively. The Topsun motors are the first electric car manufacture in Pakistan. In January 2020, they inaugurated their showroom in Jail road Lahore. They launch a vide variety of cars starting from (1.5 to 5 million). We discuss the electric vehicles industry in Pakistan in the next blog.

Let’s see some electric vehicles.


I talked many times about Tesla in my blogs. I am a big fan because, in such a short time, Tesla made their name as the biggest innovator in vehicles especially e-vehicles. Tesla founded in 2004, From day 1 they focused on electric vehicles because they know the future. When Tesla made the Roadster, it amazed the auto-industry then Tesla launched their other models in 2010.

Tesla Charging

Tesla Charging

Tesla launches its three variants Tesla X, Tesla S, and Tesla 3. Tesla X is the most famous car. The main reason is the car is both a luxury and a fast car at a cheap price. Like When I have money one day, I must buy Tesla because I love It. There are six variants of Tesla but we will see only Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Roadster:

Tesla Roadster is the quickest car in the World. The car goes 0-60 in just 1.9s. The quickest supercar you can get is just 200,000$. The car-producing on a mass level in the next couple of years. I think it shook the whole supercar industry. The supercar such as Ferrari, Lamborghini is above 500,000$. Elon Musk said the Tesla Roadster price is just 200,000$. I mean it’s not very cheap but when we compare it to other supercars it looks cheap.

We don’t much know the detailed features of Roadster. But in the pictures, it looks completely futuristic. 


Electric vehicles

Tesla Roadster

The Interior looks simple and futuristic. A simple and long screen that controls all cars. I am not sure but I think that the gears are given on-screen, it seems impossible but let’s see what Tesla gives us in the roadster. 

The main thing is Tesla Roadster is a four-seater supercar.

Let’s see the car exterior, The car looks completely mind-blowing. The front looks simple, just some design on the bumper. But when we see the rear, It’s also simple from the back but, it gives us an impressive look. But when we see the car structure, it gives us a look very unique. 

In the last, I have to say this, we should promote electric vehicles in cities. When electric vehicles are going to normal you see less pollution and less expense. Electric vehicles give us both advantages (Health and Economical) profit. This is my personal opinion, hope you like it, and if you don’t then comment down below.

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