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In 1886, Karl Benz introduce the first modern-era car. It was the first modern world car which runs on petrol or gas. Mercedes Benz is the oldest automotive Industry car manufacturer in the World.

The first mass-production level car is the Ford Model T. The car made in 1908 by the Ford Motor Company in the US. After that, slowly the motor vehicle is going to normal. And now after mid of 20th Century, The number of vehicles is increasing day by day from all over the world.

Now in this Era, an uncountable number of auto manufacturers existing around the world. This number gradually increasing day by day.  Let’s see further steps in the Automotive Industry.

The Future of the Automotive Industry:


The Future of Auto industry

The Future of the Auto industry


The revolution in the auto industry is going to rise. The work in automotive technology is at a decent speed. The future of the auto industry is very bright. The latest technology comes in new cars and now common. Even middle-class people can easily afford these cars.

The Big change in the automotive industry came when the Japenese Car manufacture Launch their Hybrid car Prius. It was launched in 1996 in Japan. Prius is the first hybrid car in the world. It was the biggest turn in the automotive industry. You say that Toyota brings one of the biggest innovations in the automotive industry.

A big change came also in these two years when General Motors launch their first electric car EV1. EV1 is the first modern electric vehicle in the world. General Motors also try to make electric vehicles in the 1960s. But, the try was not as successful as they expected so they discontinue the project. But, they tried once again in 1990, in this time the try was successful in this chance.

Auto-Industry shifted from normal cars to new technology cars. Biggest Innovators like Google and Tesla take steps in the auto industry. Tesla recently launched its new variants which shook the auto industry. The automotive industry is strong in every country, especially Pakistan. Pakistan, the auto sector is going strong because of the new auto policy. The auto policy is renewed in June 2021.

Improvements in Car Technology:

Safety Features:

  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS).
  • Line Assist System.
  • Electric Stability Control.
  • Adaptive Cruise (maintain a safe distance in cars).
  • Parking sensors.
  • Air Bags (up to 10 airbags).

Comfort Features:

  • Heated and Massage seats.
  • Tyre Pressure monitor system.Gesture and voice sensors.
  • Cruise Control.
  • Meter showing in the windscreen on luxury cars.
  • Multimedia screen, you can connect your whole mobile to screen.
  • Automatic Wipers / Heated vipers that melts ice.
  • Global Positing System (GPS) in cars.
  • Digital meter which shows all car performance.
  • Analog and Digital meter in one frame.
  • Auto parking.
  • Very soft and Multimedia steering system.
  • Auto opening of trunk and closing.
  • Keyless entry.
  • Light dimmer on side mirrors and Rearview mirror.
  • Auto climate control in the car.
  • A separate section of 12V Mobile charger.

Features in Luxury cars:

  • Cold storage in luxury cars.
  • Auto-pilot feature on luxury cars.
  • Car controls from the key, A rare feature in super and luxury cars.
  • Built-in WIFI on Luxury cars.

Self Driving Cars:

Self Driving (autonomous) car is also the biggest car innovation. In the 1939 car exhibition American biggest Automotive industry General Motors gives the concept of the self-driving car. In 1958, they converted this concept into reality.

After some time Japan improves this technology. In 1977, they added camera systems on the self-driving cars, It was a big improvement but this car only travels at speed of 20Mph/32KMh.

Now in these years, autonomous technology is very much improved. Recently, tesla gives autopilot features in their variants. Their autopilot feature is very reliable till now.

There are so many car companies working on new technology but the most prominent is Tesla. Tesla recently starting producing cars, In a short time, the company starts gaining popularity. In these times, Tesla is considered as one of the latest and Modernized car and the main thing is, Tesla cars have a low price as compared to others.

Tesla gave such great features at a low/decent price. Tesla is known as The “King of Innovation” in my eye. Space X is also own by Elon Musk (The Tesla owner). You see the achievements of Elon Musk.

Elon Musk owns:

  • Space X (Biggest private space/aerospace company).
  • Tesla (Most innovative car company).
  • Solar City (A part of Tesla, sells solar panels and solar roof tiles).
  • The Boring Company (Construction company famous for making tunnels).
  • Open AI (Artificial Intelligence Company).
  • Neura Link (American Neurotechnology Company working on Wireless brain-computer Interface).
  • Paypal (The largest online payment system in World), later He sold Paypal.

There are also further subsidiary companies also owned by Elon Musk.

Tesla in the Automotive Industry:

Tesla is the King of Innovation in the automotive sector. Initially, they launched Tesla Roadster, a compact size supercar. But, they discontinued this car, because they focused on their other variants. Now, Tesla is going to normalize their electric vehicles. In my opinion, Tesla is a luxurious car at the cheapest price.

The future is Electric Vehicles because of less expensive and also helps in reducing pollution.

There are also other companies producing and working on Electric Vehicles but the most prominent and popular is Tesla. Tesla has five variants, 2 are sedans, 2 are SUVs and one is their most famous Cyber truck and one is the fastest supercar Roadster. Elon Musk brings a revolution to Automotive Industry.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X


As a Human Being, I think we should shift towards electric vehicles. As you see, the Environment is getting worst day by day, Pollution is now out of hand. When we shifted towards electric vehicles.

Tesla 3 and Tesla X in automotive industry

Tesla Sedans

E-Vehicles have so many advantages such as:

  • No Fuel Expense
  • No Smoke No Pollution.
  • No Pollution then Good Health.
  • No Noise while Driving.

These are popular variants of Tesla. Others are Tesla Cyber Truck which is going to release in the Future and

Tesla Roadster (The quickest car in the World).

This car only and the main disadvantage is their power. In City and developed area, it is ok and easy to drive, no extra torque is required. But in mountains and undeveloped areas, it’s failed. Don’t reliable in unpaved and mountains roads. But, After some time this disadvantage will be handled. 

Now we will end this blog about the automotive industry. Hope you like it and if I miss anything then tell us in the comment section.

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