The Car of the Future | BMW Vision Next 100:

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German luxury car giant contributes in concept car by making this BMW vision next 100, the car of the future. In these years, we see so many updated things and usages of advanced technology. Things are getting more comfortable and futuristic. Especially, in the auto sector, we see many advanced and futuristic things.

The Car of the Future:

BMW made such a wonderful car, like no can believe that this car is real. Usages of the most advanced things we see in this futuristic car. We called this car the car of the future because it shows that BMW makes these types of advanced cars in the next 100 years. Also, in the current world, we spend easy life with the help of technology. This car will show a great mindset of BMW that will BMW do in the next 100 years.

BMW Vision next 100:

After making this car, you loudly say that the car of the future is here. An unbelievable thing made by BMW. This will give very tough competition to other concept cars. This car was first revealed in 2016 although it is an old concept car but still bearing the other concept cars. You see such unique, rare, and advanced things in a car.


The car of the future | BMW Vision Next 100 | Supercarblondie


Futuristic Exterior:

Very well made and usage of advanced things we see in front. Signature lighted grill with little gap and sharp LED light. The main reason for the popularity of this car is, when you turn the car, you feel like something is stretching. The tires are fully covered, when the tire is moving the upper part is stretched, you see diamond-style small parts covered with red light.

The side of the car presents that BMW uses a very well mindset in making this car. The first thing you notice is the fully covered tires, one line you see in tires is for better aerodynamics. Side windows are covered with golden color. The side looks like they have made in one unit, no partition or sharp lines you see on sides.

The other amazing thing that you have never seen before is the car has four doors, the front two doors are scissor doors and the back doors are opening upwards, all four doors are scissor doors.

The typically rear light structure we also see in this BMW with change. Sharp red light you see on the back. The attention seeker part is they wrote beautifully “BMW Vision next 100” below. Great combination of golden and black we see on the rear bumper.


Interior in next 100 years:

Technological made and well-managed interior we see. Stylistic seats spaced from each other. The best thing is this car has four seats, we usually see this type of concept cars having two seats. The dashboard is very well made the amazing thing you see is the moveable dashboard, which means the small diamond style parts fitted in dashboard are moveables.

BMW played very well by giving this unique as you see never before. They give autonomous and traditional features at the same time. Adjustable steering, when a car drives in autonomous mode, the steering will not come up. When you want to drive yourself then steering and pedals will come out. Overall, the car interior is well made and according to future.


The car of the future | BMW Vision Next 100 | Supercarblondie


BMW Vision Next 100 – Specifications and Features:

  • Fully golden car.
  • Covered golden class.
  • stretch tires on turning.
  • Covered tires.
  • Lighted front grill.
  • All four doors are scissor doors.
  • Four seater car.
  • Unique design seats.
  • In and out steering system.
  • Complete autonomous mode.
  • Complete traditional drive.
  • Diamond-style moveable objects on the dashboard.
  • No gear.

After a deep analysis, we happily say that this is the car of the future. Because we see many advanced things in this. Let’s see when the car is going on the roads. The future of the car was made in Germany and revealed in 2016.

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