The Biggest Truck in the World | BelAZ 75710

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The Biggest Truck in the World – BelAZ 75710:

When I was a little, I used to say this truck in national geographic, the first time when I saw this truck. I feel very surprised, I can’t believe that this truck is in reality, then my father told this that this is the famous truck and the biggest truck in the world.

when you see it in the picture, you can’t believe that this truck is actually the same in reality. through this blog, you will see this giant beauty. you can say as the mobile building because it is so huge and sometimes looks scary.

BelAZ 75710:


BelAZ automobiles based in Belarusian, a country in Europe that touches Russia, it’s a silent country, because many people hear this country name for the first time through this blog. but, their achievement screaming all over the world. The Biggest Truck in the World is made by BelAZ.

the BelAZ 75710 is the biggest and largest truck in the world. A European company puts very hard work into this truck, the truck looks like a massive structure. This truck was very old in production from 2006 to till now it is the biggest truck in the world. Keeping 15 years of record for the biggest truck in the world. Well, that’s a very great thing.

Keeping a record so long means there is no better alternative to this massive giant. The truck gain popularity and amazed people, the truck performance was only based on performance and capacity. The truck has both these qualities.

The truck is very huge, you see the stairs for entering in the truck, there is a proper room made for the driver and when you see in the back, it looks like a huge area on the back, because there is so massive space. some people say this is a dumper, but we call them both dumper and truck also.

According to truck builders, the dumper capacity is 363 very impressive tons. we appreciate the truck builders and the truck company for making such a powerful truck, the suspension is made well enough to pick the hundreds of tons of wastage.

The tire is also powerful to lifted the tons of wastage and the truck weight. The truck has also a very huge weight, so the truck weight and the dump weight lifted at the same time by these 8 tires are appreciable.

These features make this truck is the biggest truck in the world, I am very much impressed by this thing, that how this massive truck was made, how this truck picks so much weight?. This thing was converted into reality by BelAZ, through this truck BelAZ made their name in making the biggest and amazing truck in the world.


BelAZ 75710 Engine:

This engine power is lit, I mean through this engine power you can move hundreds of tons of weightage. The engine is so powerful of this badass machine. obviously, the running of this machine is a big deal, so the big engine can run this machine.

BelAZ has two 16-cylinder Turbo Charged Diesel Engine. Each engine produces 2,300 HP. The total power of 4,600 HP makes this truck as the biggest, largest, massive, and most powerful truck in the world.


Belaz 75710 price:

you see unexpected features and specifications of this truck, now you also see the unexpected price of this haul truck, the price is around 6 million dollars in 2014. This is a very rare truck, this haul truck is not made on regular basis just like other trucks. In my opinion, the truck price is worthy because first of all, there is no alternative of this truck and the second one is the truck have their own identity.

Again I am repeating that this truck is so massive, when you see this you feel like it’s a house, there are two or three rooms made in this truck and the back area has a massive dumper.

These all features make this haul truck worth around 6 million.
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