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Korean cars never disappoint us, this time Korean top manufacturers came with the new model. The all-new KIA EV6, it’s a fully electric car. KIA is now officially stepped into the EV market. The EV market is now rising. due to environmental and economical reasons, people now stepping into EV vehicles. The amazing thing is, Norway is the first country globally that sold electric vehicles more than traditional vehicles.

The All-New KIA EV6:

The All-New KIA EV6



KIA launches its first-ever electric car, KIA is now following the trend of EV. KIA EV6 is a very beautiful car, we see in pictures. Usually, we see an electric SUV in a mid-size, but in pictures, this SUV looks large in size. In the pictures, this car is looking so beautiful. The exterior is very attention-seeking. I like the car design most. The front looks not much stylistic, but it looks decent.


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I think the side little bit match to Lamborghini Urus and the rims are so aggressive and look beautiful at the same time. The side profile of the car looks great. The best part is the car rear, the ev6 rear looks very futuristic and stylistic. The car back looks more advanced than the whole car. When you see the car rear and side at the same time, you see the line starts from the light and ended inside the skirt.

The back style gives a car a very futuristic look. The light lines and the upper bumper line makes a car very sporty, its looks like hexagonal style.


The All-New KIA EV6



The main thing which I disagree with this car look is, the car front profile doesn’t match the car. It looks very simple when we see the whole car. The side profile and the car’s back look very futuristic but when we see the front we forget the other side of the car. I think KIA should be worked hard on the car front profile.

The interior is also the other best part, the dashboard profile looks very similar to the BMW series have. The screen and AC style look very similar to BMW’s interior. In pictures, the interior combination and the quality look finest. We notice the one thing, this speed-o-meter style is now trending. We see many new cars came with this speed-o-meter style.

The gears are button-based and look very futuristic, we found KIA EV6 car is fully futuristic. The whole car exterior and interior looks fully futuristic, except the car front.


The All-New KIA EV6



KIA EV6 Performance:

KIA EV6 performance is very impressive, from the details we see that the ev6 produce 576 HP on top, the performance seems like every powerful, the 576 is impressive mostly we see this type of power in flagship cars or sports car. also, the main thing is this car performs 0-100 in just 3.5 seconds, I mean wow. we never expect this power from these types of cars but KIA impresses us.


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The car also came with great features like Argumeted reality display, remote smart parking assist, 14 speaker sound system, wide sunroof, AWD, and other standard features.

The 77.4 KWh battery charges in just 18 minutes and ready to travel for up to 210 miles.

When KIA EV6 came with all these features. it was going to the tough competition between these types of cars like Hyundai Inoiq 5 and others. with limited pieces made in first-generation from this, we assume that this car price will be quite high because of their limited pieces. if you want to buy this car then hurry up, booking is limited. the car performance will be based on when they completely launch on roads.


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