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One of the amazing car makers Tesla makes the full-size luxurious Tesla Model S. Tesla started in 2004, initially, they make a sports car. The first car of Tesla is the roadster they produced in 2008. But, due to some reasons, this car was discontinued. But, roadster making now continues and this time Roadster is the quickest car in the world.


Model S:

Tesla Model S is at its peak. The first impression of this car is very decent.  No sharp exterior, no design headlight. Simple and decent front and rear, The thing you noted is, like many cars have a huge front grill. But, Tesla doesn’t have such type of thing, you feel like it’s just a simple line, side gives us simple feelings. There is no sharp thing we see on the back.


When you jump inside in Tesla Model S, you feel totally different from the exterior. At first, you feel like this car has nothing. But, one huge screen controls all the car, you see amazing features in this. Tesla made fully futuristic and modern cars in a single design. This car is made in 2012, almost 9 years passed and this car is still trending in the auto market.


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S 


The dashboard only has one main screen for controlling. Like, no single button you see in the car interior. Crazy interior design and mind-blowing car steering. Steering looks like that they take from Formula 1 car. New Tesla S is totally different from the previous one. This one is a more advanced fine design. A combination of wood and leather grabs so much attention for care seekers.

You see the full car on speed-o-meter. Full digital meter with navigation feature. Crusie with radar and line assist system. When you put the auto-pilot feature, it feels like you travel on the plane.


Driving of Tesla Model S:

Tesla autopilot has a fully autonomous mode, radar, and line assist system and speed adjustment makes you hand free. The car drove their own, you don’t need to interference with the car AI system. The car works as they controlled by humans.  Auto brake is very aggressive, the car stopped on the spot. The simple drive is also very comfortable. You enjoy soundless and smooth driving on road. Tesla models are very comfortable in driving.


Specifications and Features:

  • Autopilot
  • Navigation
  • Lane assist
  • Completely digital car
  • Simple and unique, fully digital car
  • 360 camera
  • Auto parking sensors
  • Update of new software
  • Defense mode
  • No gasoline
  • Advanced safety features
  • Auto brake.
  • 155 MPH/250 KM
  • Other standard and luxurious features.


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S


Tesla Model S is a good car in a good price range. You see all the advanced and luxurious features in this. Due to no gasoline engine and electricity supported, this car is not common on roads despite having a good price. In my opinion, during 2025-2030, we see electric cars in a decent amount on roads. Till now, Norway has the largest amount of electric vehicles in the world.


One of the main reasons is, Tesla has a good price range. Due to rare electric cars, Tesla only drove in specific countries where electric car stations available in good amounts. Only developed countries have a good amount of electric car stations. Also, underdeveloped countries working on this and after some years, electric cars are normalized in all parts of the world.


Till now, Tesla made 4 cars, all of them are on the market. The fifth one is Cyber truck, the cyber truck booking started in 2019, but due to the worst disaster corona. The delivery of cyber trucks is late up to 2022. Corona disturbs all the world and badly affects the auto industry. Their model x is also very amazing, the first SUV with falcon doors. They open depends on space. Even in little space, the doors are easily open.

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