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Tesla a name of Future brings so many innovative and advanced things to the auto industry in a short period. The brain behind the legendary innovation is Elon Musk. World’s see Elon Musk as the biggest innovator and entrepreneur currently in the world. Behind Tesla interface and every other related thing absolutely it is Elon Musk.

Tesla is currently the biggest auto company in the world

It’s true because, almost every successful and biggest American company we see behind Elon Musk like Paypal, Solar Company, and his Construction company also don’t forget SpaceX. Now you are going to see the main innovation and future in cars that is Tesla Interface.

Tesla Interface:

Now things are very much changed. Before this we see and also people think that loaded interior with many buttons and screens makes a car futuristic and luxurious but now the definition of luxury in the car is “Future with Simplicity.” The auto world is now working in this term. Now you see every car coming with major infotainment screen.

Mercedes S-Class EQS and Toyota Tundra were launched and revealed recently. Both come with only main screen in central console. You see an advanced car with futuristic options, Tesla cars are on the top.

Boooo, the Tesla interface features are about to come, other normal cars have screens with basic features. But, Tesla interface came with all these features such as:

  • Basic Controls.
  • Key or PIN to start a car.
  • Live Streaming.
  • Apps.
  • Tesla App.
  • Games.
  • Music.
  • Netflix and other streaming apps.
  • Car mechanical updates and performance.
  • Navigation and Map.
  • 360 View outside.
  • Car warnings.
  • Other standard controls.

Tesla came with only one screen rest of the car is simple. But, on the main screen, you see all the world just like on mobile you access any world digitally, Tesla Interface also works the same as mobile.

The New Tesla interface comes in a 17-inch size, that’s pretty large. Larger than 10-inch are considered massive screens. Tesla is initially famous because of its completely automatic and electric car. Wing doors in Telsa X and Christmas features make the picture of the car very funny. Like when the wing doors dance it can relieve the viewer’s mind very positively.

Tesla now brings Cyber Truck in 2022. It also comes with amazing features like Battery performance and the quickest futuristic truck you have ever seen.

Tesla made the product roadster initially in  2008, but due to some reasons it was stopped but a few years back Tesla made the roadster so good that it brings Tesla name as the quickest car maker in the world. 0-100 reaches in just 1.9s.

Tesla amazed people on a high level through their making and production. But, recent incidents damage Tesla’s reputation a little bit. Although the driver was faulted for putting a car on a small road, The driver blindly believed in autopilot and made themselves free.

We don’t trust or depend on autopilot 100%. No doubt autopilot is a successful feature but in an only limited environment. Like in highway also in daylight with limited speed, you should put in your mind that we can’t trust on machine blindly.

Tesla now came with more advanced infotainment screen in aBeforetyle. Before this Tesla S have a vertical big size screen but now Tesla reveals that it now comes in vertical style screen, it’s is the only thing in central console. So we consider these as the main change.

In the end, by reviewing all these features, these features make Tesla is a futuristic car and a very worthy car. Let’s wait for the upcoming model.


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