Supercar Blondie Reveals Most Insane Car Ever:

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Supercar Blondie’s original name “Alex Hirschi” is an Australian Vlogger who is famous for car blogging. She is the biggest Female Auto blogger in the world and ranked in the top best automotive bloggers in the world. She reveals the most insane cars, futuristic cars.

We know automotive news through her vlogs, Auto companies give only a sneak peek of a car. But, Alex gives a detailed review through her vlogs. Her channel got 6.4 Million subscribers and she also have 9 Million followers on Instagram and also have millions of views on each social media platform.

She is very talented and has huge knowledge regarding the auto industry. When the top auto companies like Mercedes, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari or you name it, when there are going to release most insane cars, futuristic and advanced cars, she is on the spot. Her talent is excellent and her passion for cars is remarkable.

She born in Australia and now currently lived in Dubai. She started auto blogging from Dubai. You know that Dubai is famous for its luxury lifestyle and the world’s best places. Here is the detail.


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She traveled all over the world for car blogging. Recently she went to America, yesterday we see a video that she went to the American Famous Youtuber Jeffree’s house. In the video, she doesn’t know what’s going on. When she sees the car, she was so surprised at seeing it. I was also surprised when I see this car.


UFO Car:

The most insane car ever.

Most insane car of UFO by Supercar Blondie

Spaceship in road


While I am seeing this car, we realize for a moment that this is something out of the world, it comes from Mars or another planet. Totally covered car in a black diamond style glass which seems very extraordinary different.

When I analyze deeply we see that there is no extraordinary work inside a car. Inside there are only two seats and some basic controls, this is not a luxury car but this is a fully electric futuristic car. The main thing about this most insane car is the outside view while sitting inside.


Outside this is fully concerned in black glass, but from inside, you see all sides, like it’s a multi-dimension view car. The view is worth it, the UFO made a car very futuristic, it needs a lot of time to normalize on roads. The legroom in this car is compact but the headroom due to the car is heightened.

You can buy this car only for entertainment use, not for normal use. Also, you can drive this car in a specific secure area, you need to take safety measures before driving this alien. I am calling this car the most insane car.

This car has only one door that is roof door. You can go inside while opening a roof door. The car is designed in such a stylistic way that I have never seen before. We see two main things is this car, that is very worthy.

The first thing that is exterior, we never see such a stylistic exterior. All the car is fully converted, like even tires you can’t see this is the best thing.

The second thing is the inside view, the inside view is amazing. While driving a car, you see it in multi directions. But, the disadvantage is how drivers can see backward. There should be other people available in this most insane car to tell them that the rear traffic status. Overall, we like this idea and made it into reality by UFO.

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