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Auto Sector:

Despite corona fact we see that auto sector is gradually rising. Many new auto companies has came and new models is launching. Due to corona, industries are disturbed and many things are stopped. In 2020, the world biggest auto show was cancelled due to this diaster. The situation is better than 2020, but you can’t say that now we are safe.

After all this, Auto sector is still working and makes innovation. After 2000, we see so many changes and innovation in auto industry. Vehicles are totally changed or almost towards changing. Started mass production of Hybrid and electric vehicles. Basic automation in cars are happening such as power windows and steering, cruise control, traction control, ABS brake and air bags.  Now many things are changed, you can drive car without driving. Auto pilot feature controls the car it self.

We see specifically auto sector in Pakistan. Pakistan is filled with auto lovers but, the variety available is very little. People paid hundreds and thousands of dollars for car duty. Only tax is paid higher than the actual car price. After 2018, we see that people very warm welcomes the auto company. KIA and Hyundai officially comeback in 2018 and customer gave very warm welcome by purchasing these companies car.


Auto Sector in Pakistan

Auto Sector in Pakistan | London


MG in Pakistan:

In 2020, British-Chinese comapny MG introduce their two models in Pakistan and two of them are very successful till now. The assembling of MG is not started till now. The company receives 10,000 orders of MG according to Samma News in November.


Peugeot in Pakistan:

You can’t under estimate the KIA. KIA brings European oldest company “Peugeot” in Pakistan. KIA signed MOU with Peugeot to bring 2008 SUV. The assembling of these car started in two or three months. This car already create a hipe in Auto sector. Also KIA going to introduce four vehicles in 2021.

Intially KIA launches three models in different category. After the success of these models, KIA also going to introduce their further models. For the first time, KIA cross the Honda in terms of sale in Feburary. These things proved that Pakistani loyal people fed up with old companies and want new auto companies in Pakistan. KIA vehicles are acceptable in Pakistan. A large number of KIA Sportage we see on roads. Sportage is msot popular model of KIA.


KIA brings Stellantis cars in Pakistan:

After KIA success, Lucky cement signed MOU with Stellantis to bring their vehicles in Pakistan. Stellantis just founded in January formed by the FIAT and Peugeot. They made agreement of 50-50 cross border merger agreement.  We heard this news yesterday, detailed will come in some days.


Proton launches X70 – A decent SUV:

Malaysain sensation Proton also take step in auto industry by launching their Sedan “Saga” and SUV “X70”. X70 is a good SUV with standard features and luxurious features like voice control. Proton recently launch in Pakistan and let’s see the condition of Proton after some months.


Volkswagen set up their plant in Pakistan:

Volkswagen set up their plant in Pakistan. A new entry came in Auto Sector of Pakistan. Volkswagen work very long in Pakistan, but due to COVID-19 the assembling of cars will late up to 2022. Volkswagen have a plan to launch their pickup Amarok and their van T6. In my opinion, they should start their career in Pakistan with three to four variants. One sedan, one Hatchback and one any shape of car.

They started career with heavy public vehicles. We can’t judge the future of Volkswagen from now. Vlokswagen is the first German company to intorudces their vehicles in Pakistan. We see further details of Volkswagen in the upcoming auto policy.


Changan Alsvin is now on roads:

In this month, Yaris and City competitor Alsvin is now ready to seen on roads. People booked their Alsvin, response of Alsvin is quite positive in Pakistan.


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