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Toyota introduces a series of high-performance pickups like Tundra and Tacoma. Tundra is a high-performance 4×4 truck, ready to compete with big pickup trucks. The main comparison of this Toyota Tundra 2022 is Ford Raptor F 150, GMC Denali. Obviously, Ford and GMC are more famous for making high-performance automobiles.

Toyota Tacoma is the most powerful truck of Toytoa now, Tacoma came with the power of 278 HP. Tacoma looks smaller than this new Tundra. But, in power Tacoma is the bigger pickup. Tundra’s old model also looks bigger in size, but this time Toyota Tundra’s new model came with a more powerful look.

I am seeing that this Tundra has a very similar face to Ford Raptor and GMC Denali. The lights give a reflection of the Ford truck and the grill gives the view of Denali. Tundra gave a powerful, bigger, and impressive look.


Toyota Tundra 2022:

Toyota Tundra came in 2000, initially, the car looks not much bigger in terms of that time. Then Toyota started improving their product, 2004-05 model is just good. But, we see major improvements in the 2007 model, the car looks bigger and stronger. The pickup doesn’t give us the feel of an underrated car.

2007 model is still running in the market successfully and still imported in Pakistan. The last shape came in 2014, this time due to the chrome huge grill, the Tundra looks more powerful than the previous one. We see that Toyota brings changes to Tundra in the new models, improvements made from time to time.

The 2014 model is the latest model of this series. This model also has improvements, the front looks bigger, when we see a car without a logo, we see a reflection of the Ford Raptor. The 5.7 L Engine is the main factor in making a car stronger. When the Tundra is running on the road, the 5.7 L Engine makes a car like they are roaring on the roads.

But, this time, Toyota Tundra 2022 is made in a completely unexpected way, it doesn’t mean that Toyota can’t make such type of car, we don’t expect such a big and advanced improvement from Toyota. As we see the new model of Toyota Land Cruiser 2022.


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We little bit disappointed because this model is running for so long in the market. The base model is the 2008 model, then in 2012, they changed the headlight and in 2016, they bring some major changes in interior and exterior, but still, the car meets from the base model.

Then Toyota transforms their Land Cruiser completely in 2021, actually, we little bit disappointed because the back doesn’t look like according to luxury Land Cruiser and the interior made just like they are making sports car. Inside we don’t feel that it’s a luxurious SUV.

When you see Toyota Tundra 2022 without a logo the person who doesn’t know much about the car when they see they suddenly said it’s a GMC or Ford high-performance pickup. We appreciated Toyota for making such a beautiful Tundra.

They don’t want to reveal Toyota Tundra 2022 model yet, but due to the leaked photo, Toyota has no other option for revealing a car officially.


4 days back, Toyota Tundra 2022 was released in a compulsion. We also see new model of Land Cruiser 2022 model through leaked photos. But, at that time Toyota doesn’t give such a powerful response. But, when we see only one leaked photo of Tundra, Toyota looks like that they are angry from this step.


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They release only three photos of the Toyota Tundra 2022 model on their official website, Click here. Through the third picture, we analyze that Toyota makes such a beautiful interior, in picture we only can see the massive touchscreen just like the Ford Raptor has.


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