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Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition:

Ladies and Gentleman, This time Ford inspires us by introducing such a powerful beast. Ford inspired us by making such a powerful and beautiful beast. Sensational GT series was introduced in 1964, from this to now Ford never disappoints us. American beast is never disappointing us.

Recent Edition in Ford Fleets makes company’s reputation so strong

Like you see the latest Ford F-Series and new Bronco. But this time, they make very rare designs of the car. We never saw such a beautiful car. Ford design this car in a very sensational way like you see the whole cr structure. Very rare and uniquely work done by Ford.

Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition Exterior:

Glossy work done by Ford in Gt 64. Due to their rare design cars give us such a beautiful and gloomy look. Like when you overview the whole car, the first impression is very positive because you have never seen such a car with that exterior. I am personally so much amazed when I saw the old and new models.

2022 Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition

2022 Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition

Detailing and art done by Ford speak on its self. With a touch of Elegance and professional work done by Ford, the bonnet is done by a professional Ford Artist. Lights present us with a simple look but it makes the car impression so decent.

Great work on the side we see, great detailing done by Ford especially the tires seems beautiful. Like all these things make a car very beautiful. Old generation also has very great work, on that time the car world is not much advanced, but the work on Gt 64 by Ford has very impressive.

Another World:

When you see the work on the back, you were shocked. For the first time that I am amazed so much by seeing this special work done by Ford. Back looks so amazing, spoiler place very well, finest artistic created and beautifully design back with the help of Futuristic design of lights. Well-placed silencers make a car very advanced. In last, the engine also looks pretty by beautiful adjustment.

Overall, from analyzing exterior greatly work done by Ford.

Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition Interior:

Inside, we see another world, usually, these types of rare cars we see they have don’t have much impressive of fully loaded interior. But, Ford also amazed us from the interior. By opening the door, we shocked by only seeing the fully equipped steering.

For the first time, you see the fully loaded steering. 

Sides are fully loaded with bunch of options. The first fully loaded steering in the world, you never see such loaded steering. Whole car sends us an amazing world.

2022 Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition

2022 Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition

Massive work is also done with the help of futuristic technology. Speed-o-meter is huge in size and also fully digital with new options. Dashboard is done in a new style, the massive carbon fiber work seems very great. It also helps to make a car lightweight and also helps to increase beauty in car. Gear area is totally made in an advanced way.

Double AC windows you see on left end of the dashboard. Doors have stunning work and a great handle. Seats have also impressive work. By seeing all work, we personally appreciated Ford for making this beast. When the car has beautiful exterior especially sports car, then they have an ugly interior and vice versa.

In this Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition, all work from A to Z is done very greatly and made car by a professional artist with the help of an advanced mindset.

Ford GT 64 Heritage Edition Engine:

  • 3.5 L Twin-Turbo Eco Boost V6 engine.
  • 660 HP.
  • 550 lb-ft of Torque.

This car done 0-60 in just 3 second and acheve a top speed of 216 mph which is 347 Km/h thorugh the V6 powerful engine. From compare to other sports car the engine is small but it perfroms very well. Ford GT 64 price must be around 500,000 USD.


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