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Peugeot E Legend Concept:

The World is getting fast day by day, every day you see new innovations, especially in the auto industry you see innovation is on another level. The oldest auto company in the world is behind, the Oldest company working according to the current era and also gives us the view of future.

Peugeot E Legend Concept

Peugeot E Legend Concept

Peugeot E legend Concept released in 2019, two years ago but still this car is on trending. We see true definition of advanced era.

Drives it self, no need for driver. 

You see Peugeot E Legend Concept is on another level of innovation. This car needs no driver, all you need that just sit in a car and enjoy the world in road. Peugeot did one thing best which  is they also gives a complete setup for driving a car, you can drive by yourself but the facility of super autopilot is available at the same time.

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When you enter in car you see nothing but gradually the car shows their features. When you want to drive a car, the steering wheel comes and that scene is very worthy.

When you see Peugeot E Legend Concept from outside from the front it seem s very simple, I mean not much seems futuristic. We see a touch of old car view just as old car structure and view have. LIghts seems very great and design is little old but it seems beautiful.

The full width line under the lights and fitted in front hard grill gives us the view of elegancy. Detailed analysis tell us about the car seems elegant, beautiful and simple but its very futuristic. Sides seems very friendly to Dodge Challenger, side looks same and rims are decent.

Peugeot E Legend Concept

Peugeot E Legend Concept

We don’t see like sporty view with very high cuts and unique design, a person who doesn’t know about cars when he/she is going to see this car for the first time they don’t pick this car as futuristic car or very highly technological car.

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Peugeot E Legend Concept body tell us that it belongs to sedan family. From inside it is totally advanced and with unbelievable features. But technically difference between exterior and interior is very strange. In exterior rear is compartively better than rest of the exterior. Whole car front is decent, beautiful and simple with elegancy.

Cinema inside E Legend:

Inside it feels very different than front. Best things is seat the seats are so comfortable and luxury, we see cars which have comfortable front seats but back seats are just Ok. In this car the 5 persons can sit easily and front seats are electrically adjustable.

Screen covers the whole below dashboard, this is very special. This screen also have a camera which tell us the outside and inside view. Steering comes when you want to drive.

Speed-o-meter is I-Phone

You see initially the first screen came, screen size is almost equal to I-Phone. This thing seems very beautiful and further two other screens came out. Speed-o-meter is most beautiful and futuristic part of this car.

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Whole car seems very elegant and beautiful from inside, no driver technology with such great and advanced features, we disappoint little because of simple exterior. True cinema feeling we feel sitting inside. Brain behind this beautiful creation is appreciable.

Peugeot Technological Manifesto is appreciable and impressive. We see a practical example through Peugeot E Legend Concept. Although it comes with little simple exterior but the technological concept is very impressive. Most advanced features comes as standard features in this car.


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