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Oldest Car Company in the World:

Most flourished sector nowadays and have a very bright future. Every day new cars are coming and we see a lot of innovations and new advanced things. By realizing the car technology we see how the world is gonna so advanced.

Manual world is converted into an auto world. 

Like you see you can analyze from a manual window to a fully automated car. Firstly you work yourself in car, now the car is fully automated. Even, the car drove itself. Before this, the most important thing on road is a capable driver. Artificial intelligence can also end this term by bringing autopilot technology. You see cars which have the best auto features. 

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Autopilot is such a great technology like when we see it for the first time, we were surprised by seeing such an advanced world. Now, coming back to the topic.

Peugeot is the oldest car company in the world which is established in 1810 – It is French-based Automotive company now owned by Stellantis.


If you are a car lover or not, you must hear this name. Peugeot is the oldest car company in the world and it is famous for making reliable and long-life automobiles. Initially, the company makes home appliances and was famous for making steel things. 

When the new world is starting then Peugeot step up their game and enter the auto market. The Question is:

Mercedes produced the first modern car in the world – Then why Peugeot is named as the oldest car company in the world?

Because Peugeot company was founded in 1810 and Mercedes first car was made in 1885 by Carl Benz. Mercedes is the founder of Modern Vehicles. 

Peugeot made their first car in 1889, four years after Mercedes made it.

You see that’s how you see that Peugeot is initially known for making home appliances and other steel things then the company started their auto sector. Mercedes is the father of modern vehicles by making first modern car. 

People are a lot of confused in this sense:

  • Peugeot is the oldest car company in the world, but not the first modern carmaker. Mercedes is the first modern car maker but not the oldest car company in the world. 

Peugeot First Car:

Peugeot’s first car was made in 1889 with the help of a steam specialist. It was the successful three wheels motor tricycle, works as a car. 

Peugeot Logo

Peugeot Old Logo

The Peugeot logo is made in 1847 when Peugeot started producing steel products. At that time, the logo is made with the highest quality and still it is running till today with many changes, but the background of logo is same.

Peugeot logo is the oldest car logo in the world and one of the oldest logos in the world in any terms. 
Oldest Car company in the world Peugeot logo

Peugeot New Logo

You see how old this company is. Unbelievable things that Peugeot has. Peugeot is now considered as the mid-luxury car maker and in the top 10 best manufacturers. Peugeot cars are used for daily life purposes. But, now they step up and entered Formula 1 team, which makes great sense.

Peugeot is now under in Stellantis:

Well, a lot of people were surprised by knowing who is Steallantis. Stellantis is made in 2021 with the collaboration of 50-50 merge between Italian auto manufacturers and French auto manufacturers. The oldest car company in the world is also under P.S.A and Stellantis.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot P.S.A Group

Both groups are very strong and the oldest gamer in the auto market. Headquarter based in Netherlands. We don’t know the authentic reason behind this made company. But, it is a good initiative and beneficial for the auto businesses. We heard from officials that Stellantis is in contact in Pakistan for business purposes.


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