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The Auto Industry is one of the top leading sectors in Pakistan. The Auto policy 2016-21 is the best policy we see in Pakistan. We heard that the next auto policy is very beneficial for us. Many Newcomers came into the market and made their name in a short period of time.

Newcomers in the Auto Industry of Pakistan:

In 2016-21 we see major newcomers are:

  • KIA
  • Hyundai
  • MG
  • Proton
  • DFSK


Newcomers in Auto Industry

Newcomers in Auto Industry of Pakistan in 2021 | Car Logos


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KIA made their name in the top-selling car company. Sportage grabs so much market. Recently, KIA sold more cars than Honda. This is because KIA reliability and Features & specifications are more than Honda. The second reason is Honda increases so much price of their cars. Is KIA going to launch new cars in Pakistan in 2021?

On 14 Feb, KIA launches their new car Sorento. Sorento 3.5L is the biggest car produced in Pakistan.



A Korean state-owned company takes steps into the Auto industry of Pakistan. Both Hyundai and KIA pack up their setup and exit Pakistan. But they collaborate with Nishat and Lucky cement group and come back with more power. Now this time, they launch Tucson similar to Sportage. Tucson receives a very good response in the Pakistan Auto market.

We receive authentic news that in June they are going to launch Elantra. Elantra is a high-tech car that directly competes with Civic and Corolla. People are waiting for their new car. Newcomers in auto industry made their impressive name in car market.


Morris Garages (MG):

MG’s motherland is the UK but the company is sold to China. MG has a vast range of its models. But in Pakistan, they launch their new models MG HS similar to Sportage and MG ZS a small SUV. MG HS receives a very good response in Pakistan’s Auto industry.

MG HS has a very beautiful front and back. The Interior is very decent looks like a combination of BMW and Mercedes. Because interior looks like BMW and interior lights copy from Mercedes. ZS is a normal car in 4 million. After receiving a positive response from HS. MG CEO Javed Afridi going to Bring their sedan MG 3 and Hatchback MG 5.



A Thailand stated-owned company is going to launch its models in Pakistan. Recently they launch Proton X70 a complete game-changer. Because, first of all, the price is very decent and secondly they provide more features than any other car. X70 has a voice-controlled system. You don’t need to use your hand. All you need to do is just speak and work will be done.

A big size screen also controls seats and other things. A Porsche design gear area increases the car attraction. To be soon, this car is completely available in the market. Another model is their sedan. In my opinion, this will not be successful because when you see in Picture the car gives us a very weak look and the interior is not much impressive.

Proton X70 is going to succeed. Because in Pakistan, the car trend is towards change. SUV trend is now rising in Pakistan. PM Imran Khan takes personally interest on this company. Proton is also included in newcomers in Pakistan.



Chinese manufacturers present Glory 580 pro in Pakistan. Newcomers of DFSK is Glory 580 pro. As we see the car the car gives us a very grand look. The main advantage is, GLory is 7 seater car. Almost every SUV assembled in Pakistan is 5 seater. The other amazing feature is Glory has cornering lights. When you turn right or left the light will automatically working on that side.

The Interior is also looking good but the speed-o-meter is not much impressive. The first impression when we see speed-o-meter is very weak looks like low-quality lights and gives us an old look. Car Exterior is much impressive than the interior.

We heard from an official source that Volkwagen is the main newcomer in Auto Industry. We see in this Auto policy Chinese and Korean assemblers came to Pakistan. In Pakistan, Chinese, Korean and Japanese assemblers in Pakistan. We see that this is the first time, a German assembler came to Pakistan. German manufacturers are the leading manufacturers in the World.

When German manufacturers started assembling in Pakistan. The Auto Market is going towards complete change. The main success in the auto industry is that the Newcomers are badly disturbing by the big threes of Pakistan in a short time.



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