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Buying a car is one of the important decisions of your life. Every person has a dream to own a house and a car. after buying or making a home, the second target is to buy a car. You know that there are hundreds and thousands of auto brands and hundreds of them are international brands. There are two types of mindset regarding buying a car, a new old car or an old advanced car. Well, I hope you understand this term, and if you do not then read further.

There are so many options for buying a car on the same budget. So, if you don’t know about cars then it is a tough decision.

New Old Car:



Well, it’s a strange term according to your observation. A new old car means that if you have a budget of around 30,000 USD, if you like a sports car then you buy like Chevrolet Camaro LS, and if you want to buy an old or second-hand car then you buy like the advanced version of Chevrolet Camaro. A new old car simply means you want to buy a new old car with fewer features and want to buy an old car with advanced features.


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Many people when they go to buy a car they usually saw these term that new old car or old advanced car. Both terms are right in their own way because if you buy a new car on a low budget then the car has old features but they have zero maintenance cost. Like you just buy a car and started driving, fuel cost is the running cost of the car. there is no other expense of the car except accident.

New old car features are not much when you buy in low budget, but it can help you to increase your savings and gave less expense, the big companies also gave you a 100,000 or 3-7 years warranty, if the car is not good or weak in performance, then you can maintain your car through authorized dealership. When we talk about the new old car then we also should not forget these major things.


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Usually, these types of customers belonged to the middle class usually they do jobs or small businesses. they should buy a new car because expect duel cost there is no other cost or running expense of the car in initial years. If you are a job person then you should buy a new car then started saving and through saving and gradually and you should improve your car model through your savings. This strategy makes your life easier and happy and less costly.


Old Advanced Car:

Alternative term of the old new car. Many people also work on this term. An old advanced car means, you buy a second-hand car rather than a new car, but this old car has more advanced features than a new car. Another example is the World’s knowns Toytoa sedans.

If you like to buy a new Corolla, on the same budget you can get the old version of the Toyota Crown.

The 90’s model crowns are more advanced than the new Corolla. These things also change people’s didn’t regarding buying a car. Well, in my opinion, if you are a working person and wanted to buy a car for the long term then you should buy a new one because zero maintenance cost can save your savings and helps to improve your model.


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And, if you want to buy an old car with advanced features for the short term then you should buy the old model. Because you enjoy advanced features on a low budget and due to buying a car for the short term there is also very low maintenance cost. Just buy a car and enjoy it for few months and sold it out.

That’s my opinion regarding buy a car and if I want then I want to buy an old advanced car for the short term, the rest depends on your choice.



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