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Most Powerful Entry in EVs:

Japanese auto manufacturer Lexus made Lexus concept car, you all heard that Lexus make luxurious SUVs and Sedans. The most famous Lexus is the lx 570 and lx sedan series. Their cars are so powerful and advanced. Lexus made high technology and luxury vehicles. Today Lexus made such a great entry that every auto lover amazed when they see this Lexus concept car.


Lexus Concept Car LF-Z:

Today Lexus revealed the most futuristic and advanced SUV. Such a powerful entry we see in EV and SUV sectors. Everyone amazed when they see this car. Lexus made a strong entry into the world of EV. Let’s have a look.


Lexus Concept Car LF-Z Elecrified

Lexus Concept Car LF-Z Electrified | Supercarblondie



SUV design LF-Z made by Lexus. Advanced and Futuristic design Lexus car made. The front look is also giving very warm feelings. This Lexus concept car has signature arrow style DRLs, also see signature style front looks like LX 570. But, this style made with more advanced things. The car front looks like one unit. There are no shape lines for the bumper and bonnet. The front gives us a simple futuristic look.

You feel like it’s a sports car when you see it from the side. Huge size rims made this car look more powerful. Doors have adjustable handles, and windows are black. These all things combine and make the car a more powerful look. Fender work is also very well done. The most amazing thing is side mirrors, the side mirrors are digital. The camera-based side mirrors, there are separate screens for both side mirrors

We see perfect and finest work in the back. The front look typically Lexus car style. But, when we see the rear, the rear bumper increases the car attraction. The red line in the mid and overall back look seeks attention.

The sporty part of this Lexus concept car is its roof. The black color panoramic roof, front, rear, and side glass part gives the car attention and a great impression. In a picture, it’s a compact SUV, but the car exterior is great.



The interior of this car is also on another level. The mini cockpit fitted with three screens and racing-style steering makes the interior a more luxurious look. The car interior performs very well for the popularity of this car. Give simple look with more advanced features.


Specifications and Features:

  • Complete glass work on the car.
  • Panoramic black color roof.
  • Black glass, front, rear and side glass are all covered in black color.
  • Digital Side Mirrors.
  • Adjustable door handles.
  • Huge rims.
  • Lighted logo and car name.

Mechanical features and battery performance information will come soon. This car is fully electric. Let’s see the battery performance if the battery performance and range will good then this car will also succeed in the future.

For the first time, Lexus made this type of concept car. We see such great work done by Lexus. They showed the car today if they give the same car in mass production. Then this car’s popularity will be increased. The auto sector has focused on electric vehicles.

Due to global warming and pollution. They started working on EVs, many other companies like Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW are now making EVs. In the future, we see a great amount of EVs on roads. Different countries have started working on EVs. They started making electric car stations, release taxes, and gave special treatment regarding EVs.

Lexus concept car is released today and more information regarding this car will come soon. In Pictures, the car looks very great and according to future cars. Price will also be revealed soon. More car pictures on Motor1


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