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New Ferrari Roma:

This time Ferrari made a different type of car, The cheapest advanced Ferrari you see in this blog. The new Ferrari Roma was made in such a good way that everyone was amazed. Because new usually supercars like Ferrari and Lamborghini start from 500,000. But, New Ferrari Roma has the price of 223K $. This is great, we never see such a great supercar at a cheap price.

The main popularity of this car is they provide advanced technology in a supercar with a decent price that starts from 223k $. That’s not cheap but when we compare supercar prices its looks cheap. Ferrari made this car differently.


Outside of this Beast:

When we see the car from outside, it gives us a very gorgeous look, usually in mostly Ferrari we see a simple front, but in this new Ferrari Roma, we see the stylistic design grill which grabs the car look. The headlight designs so well, it looks like a candle flame and the front bumper makes the car look more powerful.

The side of this car is almost the same as the other Ferrari have, the star design alloys make the car more pretty. This new Ferrari Roma is a full-size coupe and the car’s overall design is made very well. You also see a decent amount of carbon fiber work in this car. The doors are very light weighted and easy to move.

let’s come to the back, the rear is almost the same as other Ferrari has with some little changes. the new design light that makes this car different from other Ferraris. The main disadvantage this car has is the compact size of the trunk. The trunk of the car is so small as compared to the other standard Ferraris have. The key of this car is made with premium leather and chrome and design in a rectangular shape.


The New Ferrari Roma

The New Ferrari Roma


Futuristic Ferrari Inside:

They made so beautiful and futuristic cars from inside. the first thing you notice is the premium leather seats which gave us luxurious feelings, the other thing is the massive digital speedo-o-meter. The control area is fully digital and the gears are based on buttons with led lights, the passenger has also a separate digital display for controlling the car.

It’s a four-seater car, but the rear two seats are not for adult persons, the child can be sitting in this seat. The front two seats are automatic when you push it automatically start pushing. You can say it is a family supercar. The best thing about this car, like no other companies, has this type of feature in their car.


This ferrari have digital Engine start/stop screen.

This is something very great you see also this feature in Ferrari straddle SF 90 which is the fastest Ferrari in the world. Ferrari’s new models are very well and made according to the Futuristic future. The car interior feels so luxury especially the red color interior. the red color interior made with premium leather makes the car more gorgeous.


Ferrari Roma Specifications and Features:

  • 4 Seater supercar.
  • 4 Driving mode.
  • 8-Speed gear.
  • Flash LED headlights.
  • Key made with premium leather and chrome.
  • Automatic seats.
  • Digital massive speed-o-meter.
  • Digital Engine Start/Stop screen.
  • Digital screen for entertainment.
  • Button-based gears.
  • Separate passenger screen with the speed-o-meter feature.
  • Other Standard Features.


Ferrari Roma Engine:

  • Twin-Turbo V8 Engine.
  • 320 top speed.
  • 610 HP.
  • 0-100 in 3.4s.
  • 5,700 – 7,500 RPM.


Review of Ferrari Roma 2021:

The driving of this car is very smooth, suspensions of this car are well-performing on the road. The powerful engine performs so strongly on the road. Full road review on Supercarblondie channel.

Despite the main disadvantage is which is trunk capacity, overall the car is so beautifully made, exterior looks very sporty and inside we feel luxury. New Ferrari Roma specifications are similar to Lamborghini Huracan. When we compare this car to Lamborghini, you should buy this New Ferrari Roma instead of Huracan.


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