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Auto Industry is rising in Pakistan. Major auto industries came to Pakistan and set up their assembling plants. Big Chinese, Korean, German, and American companies set up their system in Pakistan. KIA and Hyundai recently set up their plant and introduces new vehicles in Pakistan. Initially, KIA launches their three variants, Picanto (Hatchback), Sportage (SUV), and Grand Carnival (Van), and Hyundai launched only Tucson.

New Cars in 2021:

Morris Garages (MG):

MG is a British-based company, now under the Chinese group. Chinese state-owned auto manufacturer SAIC bought MG in 2008/9. In Pakistan, they officially launched MG in the first week of January 2021. The inauguration ceremony was held in PM Office. MG Inaugurated by PM Imran Khan. MG booking is now open, the official price starts from 5.5 million.

Initially, MG introduced the only SUV which is ZS. Thousand of ZS is booked from all over Pakistan. After a few months, They launch further two variants, ZS EV (e-SUV) and MG 5 (sedan). The SUV trend is rising because of more features given in SUVs rather than sedans.


MG motors

New cars in 2021 by MG


In Pakistan, three main companies ruling the auto industry. (Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki) but now due to the huge variety available in Japanese vehicles and new companies came. The sale of these three companies starts falling.

Now MG is taking to bring change in auto industry of Pakistan. Unfortunately, the innovation is to slow, but on the other side, Pakistan have good amount of commercial vehicle manufacturer. But for public vehicles, there is don’t so much variety now.

MG is on the top of introducing new cars in 2021 in Pakistan. Haier CEO Javed Afiridi brought MG in Pakistan, and now they bring the MG 5, a beautiful sedan soon to be launched in Pakistan.


Hyundai take step in auto industry of Pakistan in 2018. Intially they launch Tucson, Tucson is successfull i n SUV market, The trend of SUV is going to rise after launching of KIA Sportage. Since 2018, People shifted from expensive sedan to SUV and the majority of the big comapnies launching their first car is SUV.

Tucson starts from 5.6/7 million having FWD and AWD variants. Hyundai is in Pakistan for more than 2 decades, but during these years, Hyundai shut down their plant for financial reasons, but now they come back in 2018 and launch their SUV.


Hyundai Elantra 2021

New cars in 2021 by Hyundai


New cars in 2021, Hyundai said that Elantra will launch in April/May. Elantra is a standard sedan with all standard features and competeable with Toyota Corolla/Grande and Honda City/Civic. Honda and Toyota is the only sedan producer in Pakistan, But now Elantra is take step in sedan market of Pakistan.

Honda and Toyota ruling the car market for more than two decades and they don’t bring any major innovation. Toyota have only few models (Corolla/Hilux/Revo/Fortuner) and Honda have only two models (City and Civic). These companies are still producing only these variants. The car buyers want innovation and variety in auto industry.

Hyundai take advantage of this and launch their new sedan Elantra. When we see the pictures the car looks decent. Hyundai is korean stated owned company and included in top 10 biggest car companies of the World.


KIA launches in Pakistan in year 2018. Intially they launch three variants (Picanto, Sportage and Grand Carnival). Sportage is the most successful car of KIA. Now we see Sportage on roads, In 5.5 million the car provides features like no one is providing.

KIA cars in the list of New cars in 2021.

  • KIA RIO.
  • KIA Cerato.
  • KIA Sorento.
  • KIA Stinger.


The KIA in Pakistan

New cars in 2021 by KIA


These four cars are now launched officially in Pakistan. Starts from RIO, A standard size hatchback with all standard features ability to compete with Cultus, Swift, WagonR and Alto, all four are suzuki models. In Hatchback, only Suzuki is ruling for more than two decades. Suzuki have most famous variant Mehran, most sold car in Pakistan, now the car is discontiuned.

KIA Rio is the big size hatchback as comapred to Suzuki hatchbacks, In other parts of the World, RIO is available also in sedan shape, The second car is KIA Cerato, Cerato is a daily life standard sedan with all standard features, The exterior of this car is beautiful, also the interior is looking very good in pictures.

Sorento is the 7 seater SUV of KIA. The exterior and interior of this car is looking impressive ion pictures and after launching, they give tough time to Toyota Fortuner. KIA Stinger the most awaited car of KIA, the luxury sedan of KIA with sports features.

The Stinger front gives sporty look, the car design, alloy rims and the car rear looks very sporty. When we see interior it’s also gives us luxury feel. Overall, in 3 years, KIA launch total 7 models which is great and apperciating for giving us variety and choice in buy new cars.


Changan is a chinese stated owned car manufacturer company. Changan mini van is famous and now they launch their msot awaited sedan Alsvin. In previous week, Alsvin is officially launch by changan.  As compared to Yaris and City, the car exterior and Interior looks great. The price of this car also very reasonable as comapred to Yaris and City.


New cars in 2021 by Changan

New cars in 2021 by Changan.


The car price is starts from 2.2 to 2.5 million. In premium variant you see runroof, cruise control, Adjustable headlamps, Tyre pressure monitor, Human machine interface and others. In my eye, the car will break the trendsetters of sedans in Pakistan.


Proton is the state owned company of Malaysia. Due to Corona, the company delayed the lanuching, Proton Saga is also included in launching of new cars in 2021. The SAGA is the most famous sedan in Malaysia, we don’t know much details, but proton take step to bring change in sedan market.


Proton Saga

New cars in 2021 by Proton


Toyota Cross:

Cross is the SUV introduces by Toyota. Toyota want to introudces in 2020, but due to corona it was delayed, we hope that Cross will release officially by toyota in 2021. Toyota introduces new cars after so many years. The car price is starts from 8.5 million.


Toyota Cross 2021`

New cars in 2021 By Toyota


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