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In the world riding advanced technology, auto sector gear up and started making new and advanced vehicles and also gave concepts that what the auto sector would give in future, From concept cars revealing we amazed very much when we see these types of cars. We are amazed when we see this in electric it is the most powerful car in the world.

Almost every day we heard and see such type of cars which are great and well made. Amazing technology we see every day in cars, the auto sector is adopting technology so fast. Great innovations we see in the auto sector, in electric vehicles technology is the very positive thing through this you keep the clean environment and save fuel cost, You see electric cars also have power and have the ability, you see one of the most powerful car in the world is Electric vehicle Lotus Evija.


Lotus Evija – The most powerful car in the World (Electric):

The hidden beauty Lotus, we first heard this name in Need for Speed game when we see that this company is actually, in reality, we were very amazed. The Lotus mostly work on Formula 1 cars, their cars are very rare, or some specific peoples who buy lotus cars. But, this time Lotus makes such a wonderful part that every person wants to buy this lotus Evija, which is the fastest car in the world in the EV field and also one of the most powerful car in the world.



Stunning Outside View:

Lotus made such a strong entry through this car. The car exterior is very well made with new design, the bumper is so unique, a triangle design on bumper you see on both side, the car front look looks like they inspired from Ferrari, the car front reflects the Ferrari 458. Also, your eyes see the light style. The straight and simple light style increases car perfection.

We see compact size windows and again triangle style design on doors. The car body looks very sporty with perfection from the side. With no side mirrors, the car looks very unique, tires fitted, and looks very stunning. Fan style simple and aggressive rims made the car more powerful. Scissor doors make this car more sporty.

The most amazing part of the car is the rear, from the rear you feel and sees very different from the other parts of the car, Something that you have never seen before, like triangle design light, the same design placed indoors and bumper, in the triangle the car is empty and meet indoors, from lights to doors place are empty. Also, the place charging spot is under the Lotus logo which is great.

The battery is placed on the rear, from the glass you see placing of batteries, there is 4 motor electric car and each of the electric motors produces 500 HP these all things make Lotus Evija as the most powerful car in the world. The car base and ground distance are very low, which feels like you driving a sports car. The cool part is when the car is in track mode, the spoiler quite way up and makes a car more sporty.


The most powerful car in the world

The most powerful car in the world | Lotus Evija

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The Interior gives us a more sporty look, first thing you notice is the steering wheel, the string wheel is so tiny because Lotus has an interest in F1, they gave these F1 features in this car. Somethings when you see you feel amazed such as, the rearview screen on the roof and side mirrors replaced with cameras.

The best thing you see that is the control area, the all control area have hexagonal shape buttons, looks like a touch screen which is great, these all features increases car worth.


Lotus Evija Specifications and Features:

  • Side mirrors replaced with screens.
  • Automatic rearview and pop-up camera on closing doors.
  • Popup cameras for side mirrors.
  • Spoiler up and down.
  • F1 style steering. 
  • Secret compartment on side door.
  • Rearview screen on top.
  • Doors button on top.
  • Hexagonal buttons on the central console.
  • Different driving modes.
  • Digital speed-o-meter.
  • Other standard features.

Lotus Evija Engine Specifications:

  • 2,000 HP Engine.
  • 4 Electric motor car.
  • 0-100 in less than 3 seconds.
Lotus have only 130 Lotus Evija in the world.

Each car has priced more than 2 million dollars, After all, review we see the only disadvantage which is there is very little space for legroom, after this, we appreciated Lotus for making such a beautiful and advanced car also the most powerful car in the world.


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