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Mercedes Maybach G650:

Mercedes when the name comes, it means something is very special discussing out. Today we are going to see the most luxurious Mercedes off-road truck in the world. Hard work pays off, the world doesn’t see such an amazing car. It comes as the most luxurious Mercedes off-road in the world.

When the name Mercedes came, it’s all about a fine car. This time they come with the finest and most luxurious Mercedes off-road G650, the all working on this car is on another level. Most unique off-road series we see.

Why it is most luxurious Mercedes Off-Road?

Only 99 examples exist in this entire world

As you already see, this car is super rare and every example has ultra-luxurious and finest work. Like when you see the whole beast, the beast is so big that you can’t see it in one frame. Also, the design is very rare, the only solo kind of design that G650 has.

Mercedes Maybach G650 Exterior:

You see the whole car, the whole beast is looking amazing. From front to rear and every side tells us a great story. Front seems very elegant due to headlight and huge front. Car size is extraordinary and impressively massive. You need stairs to go inside and from inside when you see you see whole outside down and you feel like a prince.

Mercedes Maybach G650

Mercedes Maybach G650

From the side, the tires, doors, and every material from side seem very elegant. Massive look displayed by this beast especially from the side. Whole car is on another level, G650 is also a convertible. G650 is filled full of adventures. From rear, we see beautifully made LED lights and the design is also impressive.

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Mercedes gives a touch of traditional 4×4 thing, large size tires placed remembering us the old 4×4 things. Tires give the beautiful impact and made a brilliant image of this beast.

Whole outside is beautiful and everything related to the outside looks very great. Like we don’t see anything bad or inappropriate in this beast. Mercedes G650 looks incredible.

Mercedes Maybach G650 Interior:

Behind doors, there is another world waiting for you to see. Inside you see ultra finest leather seats. This is due to the interference of Maybach. You know when it comes to Maybach. Maybach took car on another level. But, this took on an extreme level. Like you see the interior is made with the help of the finest interior.

Mercedes Maybach G650

Mercedes Maybach G650

Central console is made not much advanced, but decently made interior. But, the best part is the back two seats. Rear two seats come with the best and most luxurious seats, the rear seats converted into a bed. Bed comes with privacy glass and bed comes with great features like massaging, electrically adjustable, and comes with TV and other stunning features.

You can enjoy two rear seats with a convertible feature in most luxurious seats. When you sit in back seats with a natural view, the best feeling you can enjoy. The rear two seats make this car as most luxurious Mercedes off-road.

Car comes with the price of 1.8 Million USD.

Most luxurious Mercedes off-road comes with a price range of 1.8M USD. Most luxurious off-road comes with great features and a good look. 99 pieces made the car comes in 2017. When Mercedes reveals this beast. It made an impressive name in the auto industry. Overall, we see the vehicle is so expensive but so worthy at the same time.

So many off-road vehicles came like Ford and GMC makes luxurious and heavy-duty off-road trucks. But this makes this most luxurious Mercedes off-road on another level.


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