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Cars in Pakistan:

Sadly, Pakistan is an underdeveloped country due to poor politicians and lack of knowledge of nation. Pakistan has a high potential for the cars industry and the country is filled with a lot of cars lover. We see most expensive car in Pakistan, we are amazed that people still loved the car so much that they pay more than 190% duty amount of tax than the actual car price.

Now on this time Pakistani government thinks a little bit and analyzes the auto industry in Paksitan potential. Private businessman brings a bunch of Chinese manufacturers with the help of Governments. But, that’s not enough we want more American, British and European brands. The brands that ruling all over the world.

Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6 – Most Expensive Car in Pakistan:

The suspense is over, you see that Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6 is the famous and most expensive car in Pakistan. This is also one of the most expensive cars of Mercedes.

Mercedes Brabus G63 6x6

Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6

Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6 is also one of the rarest cars of Mercedes – only 15 units were made.

The amazing part is the duty. With duty includes it becomes one of the most expensive cars in the world that Pakistani guy bought. I bring the attention of the government to that point Pakistan has filled with car’s lover that they pay almost double of the car price to bring the car in Pakistan.

One of the main reasons for high prices is rareness. The Mercedes brings such a beautiful Masterpiece, G series is the famous and best SUV series of Mercedes, there bring only 15 units in this series with 6×6 wheels.

Overview of Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6:

The car covers the whole wide road. When the car is moving on road the beast is so huge and wide that you can’t see when it is on front or backside. The driving of 6×6 is not that easy, it needs so much attention and focuses while driving.

Mercedes Brabus G63 6x6

Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6

Car’s actual price is 698,888 Euros (86,593,701) with duty the price becomes around 200 million PKR.

The most expensive car in Pakistan also comes with great features and a highly powerful engine.

Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6 Engine:

  • 5.5L Twin-Turbocharged AMG V8 Engine.
  • 690 BHP.
  • 708 lb-ft of Torque.

You see the taxes and duties, you were shocked that the amount of taxes in Pakistan is mind-blowing, but at the same time, you see the love and affection of cars. Auto companies should consider bringing their plant to Pakistan. Many others who pay high taxes almost give double than car’s actual price, but they don’t give up.

These things that Pakistan’s government should focus on, they gave a very decent EV policy, nut they should give a decent relief on Car’s taxes and duties. The car base price is not too high, but taxes and duties gave a reward of this car as the most expensive car in Pakistan.

0-100 in just 7.4s.

The car carrying with such a heavyweight should be appreciated for good running and so quick. Mercedes Brabus G63 6×6 carries close to 4 tons of weight. Still, it runs quickly on roads very well. This car also brings us the memory of the rarest Mercedes. The rare Exelero brings 2x more weight than Lamborghini and still it is considered one of the best luxury sports cars in the world.

Most expensive car in Pakistan and one of Mercedes’ most expensive cars are made under the luxurious and finest mindset, as you see in pictures.

The car from plant to sale every information of this car is highly confidential, authorities and officials say that only 2 pieces were made of this Mercedes. At last, we request to the government that by seeing this most expensive car in Pakistan, they see the auto industry potential and work according to that potential.


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