The Most Beautiful car in the World | Specifications and Features:

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You see so many beautiful cars on the roads. But, in this blog I will show you the most beautiful car in the world till now which is:

Renault Trezor – Most Beautiful car:

A French-based company Renault established in 1899 made a concept car. This car is now the most beautiful car in the world. This car is firstly seen in 2016 in the auto show. There is no chance of this car being normalized in the future. This car is also the most advanced and most beautiful car revealed till now. When the car is revealed, everyone is shocked and amazed.


Most beautiful car in the world | Renault Trezor.



In the Auto world, Renault amazed everyone by making this beast. When we see the exterior, we can’t describe in words that how beautiful and modern this beast. 4,700mm long car with ultimate design. We see an end level of perfection in front. Sharp C design, light with a smart headlight and LED light that covers all C area.

The most amazing thing we see is the movement of Bumper. The hexagonal shape design we see on Bumper. The Hexagonal box working as an Air intake. When they open they transfer air into the battery. The second amazing thing is the car body fully made with carbon fiber.

Side look is the most amazing part of the car. This car has no traditional doors. The car opens from the roof. When you press the button, the car roof will open, so you can sit in the car. Front and rear screen fitted with car roof. The whole car was open when we sit in the car.

Our mind is blown when we see the car back, this car has red color glass and windows. Full-width light covering Renault logo and wrote Trezor in the bumper along the sharp line separating bumper design, these all things grabs the eye attention and makes the car look more powerful. This car has the most amazing and most beautiful car exterior.

The third amazing thing is the tail light. The tail light is based on Physical wires, you can touch or move the wire. The wire also moves its own. When you look at the car for the first time you feel like it’s just one piece. Like, no doors, no boot, no bumper opening. Perfectly made Trezor by Renault.


Most beautiful car in the world Renault Trezor


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Simplicity makes the car a more unique interior. We Full-length screen including speed-o-meter and entertainment system. The most amazing and most beautiful car fully covered with a red interior. Even the screens and roof are covered with red glass. When you sit in the car, the car roof, front, sides, and rear all are covered with red glass. That’s the new and amazing thing.


Specifications and Features:

  • Carbon Fiber Body.
  • Fully Electric functional car.
  • 0-100 in less than 4 seconds.
  • Roof open system.
  • Hexagonal moveable bumper.
  • Physical and moveable wire tail lights.
  • Red Interior.
  • Panoramic roof.
  • Front and rear glass, side windows, and roof, all covered in red color.
  • Electronic headrest.
  • Adjustable speed and brake pedals.
  • Adjustable steering.
  • Luggage area in Dashboard.
  • Advanced Gear area.

Till now, we see the most amazing type of exterior ever made by Renault. This car also one of the conceptual cars made till now. More detail about Mechanical and Engine Specifications don’t reveal yet. This is the best fully electric conceptual car. In my opinion, the future is in the hands of Electric cars. Due to global warming and huge CO2 emission. Electric cars are the best, they don’t pollute the environment and save fuel costs.

Renault made this car in 2016 and we see that Renault has no plan to start mass production of this car in the future. Renault made this car so futuristic like you can’t believe that this car is real. Renault Trezor’s pictures are available on Renault’s official site.

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