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Changan UNI T:

Chinese big giant Changan made such a nice and long life car that we don’t expect. especially Pakistani, Pakistani thinks Changan as the underrated car company, but when we see their cars, we are very amazed by seeing their cars. A new entry came into the Pakistani market by Changan, which is Changan UNI T.


Most affordable SUV in Pakistan | UNI-T:

The Changan UNI T is famous all over Pakistan as well as in other countries. Because, we think that Changan is an underrated country but when we see their cars we were so shocked, the Changan inspired by the BMW and especially back look totally like X6.


Let’s take a look at the Exterior:

The car looks very futuristic from the front. The diamond-style grill with the finest quality made with perfection. The LED light is so unique in this car, inside of this grill you find other lights. The car sides made by the great mind, the side gives us a very sporty look and the main thing is the door handles are adjustable. The only disadvantage which I see is the 20-inch alloy rims style, the style looks old and simple.

The best part is the rear side of the car, the rear looks like they made this car with BMW X6. The four diamond-style exhaust in this car makes a racing car. The unique thing is when you see car roof from the back, you find a shark design roof which is a strange thing like no other has this type of design. Overall, it’s a compact-looking SUV, but when you see it deeply you find luxurious and advanced features in this car.


Changan UNI T Exterior

Changan UNI T Exterior


Most futuristic Interior in a cheap price:

When you open the door of this car, the first impression is very shocked you feel very unexpected. The dashboard console is completely digital, the 10.5-inch screen welcomes you to control a car, another screen is speed-o-meter with multiple options. The car seats made with great leather and electronically adjustable.

The advanced central console is also a great feature in this car, the central console is completely advanced, the gear is button-based like other luxurious cars have. Seat colors and door colors are matched and made with leather. It’s a five-seater advanced SUV. When you sit in a car, you feel very rich because of having such advanced features.


Changan UNI T Interior

Changan UNI T Interior


Changan UNI-T Features:

  • 10.5-Inch Digital display.
  • Digital Speed-o-meter with multiple options.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Facial recognition.
  • Adjustable seats.
  • Modern gear system.
  • Advanced central console.
  • Panoramic roof (non-adjustable).
  • Adjustable door handles.
  • The fog lamp is hidden in the grill.
  • Arrow-style LED lights.
  • Other standard features.

Changan UNI T Safety features:

  • Six Airbags.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system.
  • Traction control.
  • Hill-start assist.
  • Blindspot assist.
  • Electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD).

Changan UNI-T Engine:

  • 1500 CC Turbocharged engine.
  • 180 HP.
  • 300 Nm of Torque.
  • 7-Speed DCT gearbox.


Changan UNI-T Price:

The expected price of this Changan UNI T IS 3.5 – 4 million. Well, when the car is launched at an expected price then this car is going to be very successful in this market and baldy disturb the market of Sedans like Civic and Grande and SUVs like Sportage, Tucson, and MG. You can say when this car is launched, this car is the most futuristic car in Pakistan.

For more than two decades we see that the ruling of the big three (Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki) is finally ended, The main role played by the KIA, Recently you hear that How KIA cross the Honda in terms of sale? and now KIA is the third-largest company to sold most vehicles. Many other companies like Hyundai, MG, Proton, BAIC working on breaking the further ruling of these companies.

By the launching of this Changan UNI T, the car community is very happy to see such a wonderful entry into the auto industry of Pakistan. This car is now reached in the showrooms of Changan, further information will be updated. Full video of Changan UNI T available on Pak Wheels.


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