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Firstly British and then Chinese sensation MG is going to set their assembling plant in Pakistan, they got a very warm welcome in PM house Islamabad. Now MG is completely introduced in Pakistan with two models ZS and HS. HS is the most famous and most sold model because the car is made in a very beautiful way, Pakistani people like this car, the interior is so beautiful and the car shape is also good in my opinion.

In Pakistan, the SUV trend is now gradually rising, and when the new manufacturers came, they launch SUV as their first model. because from the past two years in Pakistan mostly new cars on roads we see that are SUVs. MG is the third company to launch its SUVs in Pakistan. they have successfully imported thousands of vehicles from China and now they are going to increase their setup and established their plant in Pakistan most alive city (Lahore).

And now they are going to set their assembly plant in Pakistan. because MG receives a positive response in Pakistan and we heard that they are also going to launch their further models, currently they are establishing an assembling plant in Pakistan.

They have a plan to set up their assembling plant in Pakistan and launch their other models like a pickup truck and mg3 a hatchback car, we also know the price of that MG hatchback will be under 2 million because Javed Afridi gives us a hint in the recent tweet. We heard that these are upcoming cars of MG. Pakistani people are very bored with the big three and they are happy to see the other international car companies in Pakistan.



MG3 Hint by Javed Afridi | Propakistani

Setup their Assembling Plant in Pakistan:

The news that we heard is they have a plan to set their assembling plant in Paksitan second-biggest city (Lahore). The company has the capacity to produce 30,000 vehicles per year. The average is about 2,500 per month. Toytoa have 76,000 unit producing capacity that is more 2x time than mg, but as a startup the capacity target was good.


MG HS Interior 2021

MG HS Interior 2021


MG has a vast variety of models, they have also very beautiful, advanced and upgraded, and futuristic models. But whenever the new company setups their plant in Pakistan, they usually start with their basic model, but for us, it is very advanced models, Unfortunately, the bad thing is in car’s lover country the company don’t provide a vast variety of cars. Toyota have also a wide variety of Corollas but in Pakistan, they have only two to three models of the corolla.

As you know that paksitan import large amount of imported vehicles, as Pakistan is an underdeveloped country but in vehicles, we have a great identity, Pakistani is considered as one of the big car’s lover country but due to government poor decisions and other bad things, we don’t have a large number of auto companies, we have few and all these are giving very few choices of cars.

KIA, Hyundai, and MG are very famous in Pakistan because of their SUVs Sportage is the trendsetter in Pakistan SUVs, the second-best SUVs that receive a very positive response is MG HS. But, The main problem that new companies have, they gave very late delivery of cars. Recently, We see a video regarding the late delivery of the MG SUV. In Lahore, few peoples exchange very hot words with MG staff for not giving delivery on time.

When the auto company is going to set their assembling or manufacturing plant in paksitan, the government of Pakistan should consider this issue and talk to the company. The first thing is the company should set their assembling plant according to public demand or take limited bookings.


For Example:

If the plant in Pakistan has producing capacity is 5,000 per month, the company should take bookings no more than 5,000. The delivery time of the car would be one month. This is the thing that we think the government should work on this issue and we think that government recognizes this issue and talks to the assemblers and we also think that if the companies do not improve this and thing then the government will release new auto policy in favor of importers.


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