The Mercedes Futuristic Car | Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR:

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Concepts cars:

The world Is now speeding up and things are getting more advanced. A large number of technological things we use in our daily life, now it’s our necessity to use technology. In Auto Sector, cars are moving towards more advanced technology like this Mercedes futuristic car. Car with no steering, no gear complete autonomous car, all you need to do is just sit in the car. The car will do other work itself.

We see hundreds of concept cars that amazed and shocked everyone, but on this platform, I will show one of the insane cars ever made by Mercedes Benz. This Mercedes futuristic car mind blowed those see this car filled with technology and innovations.


Mercedes Futuristic Car:


Mercedes Futuristic Car | Mercedes-Benz Vision AVI


In the field of making concept cars, We see the main role played by Mercedes-Benz. The oldest car maker makes the most advanced car till now. When Mercedes’s futuristic car was revealed, the eyes which see the car are not believing that this car is real.

Something you will never see like this, this Mercedes futuristic car is completely out of the world, a totally mindblowing exterior, the front is having a full-width thin headlight with a full-size logo and decent bumper.

The most advanced technology we see on the side, the first car which has transparent side doors. We see usages of brilliant mindset on tires. The tires are very differently made, lighted tires we see with color changing when you stop the car the tire color will turn from blue to red. The tires are well covered and well structured.

When the car wing transparent doors are opened, the car look will completely out of the world. something you see is very amazing, the side looks, tires and their placing, doors played the main role in car look.

The same light structure we see on the back, full-width thin light, and below there is a similar bumper. The upper rear and lower rear have the same structure. The main reason for car popularity is, they have moveable, hundreds of Hexagonal shape moveable parts are moving when the car is at speed and when we apply brake in a car. They move in different directions according to situations.

You lost belief when you see the interior, even we don’t see such a most advanced car in movies. The interior consists of only one moveable soft part in the middle of the car. The car is totally inspired by Avatar. Some people called it Mercedes Avatar. The interior has one main screen that starts from the middle of the car all way through the whole dashboard.

The car seats are also very well lighted, The LED lights layer covering all the seats and linked with other lights of the interior. You also say that this car is having the lightest work in the world. The great work of lights in this Mercedes Futuristic car. The tires are lighted, the front bumper and the rear bumper are also lighted,  The light work in the rear is so well that you feel like it’s a LED screen fitted in the rear.


Mercedes Futuristic Car | Mercedes-Benz Vision AVI


Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Specifications and Features:

  • Most advanced car in the world.
  • Greater amount of Lightwork in the car.
  • Thinnest headlight.
  • Front and rear bumpers having LED lights.
  • Tires are filled with LED light work.
  • Colour changing on start/brake.
  • Transparent doors covering with lights.
  • Movement of hexagonal shape parts in the rear when the car is start/brake.
  • Just one moveable soft part is the steering wheel.
  • Whole dashboard and car middle having LED screen.
  • Car measures your heartbeat and blood pressure, by touching the moveable part in middle.
  • LED lights on whole seats.
  • Whole car interior have LED lights.
  • Fully electric.
  • Side driving.
  • All four tires are moveable.
  • Completely autonomous car.
  • No steering.
  • No gear.
  • No pedals.
  • Inspired by Avatar.
  • Complete glass roof.

The ultimate thing is this car has side driving, in straight driving the car will go straight and only the front two tires are moving and in this car, all four tires are moving so this Mercedes Futuristic car have the ability to side drive. The car gave a completely fictional advanced look when you see it at night. Because the car doors are transparent and the car is filled with LED lights. These things will make this car more unique and seek attention.

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