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The advanced technology in the auto world is EV. The auto world is currently focusing on EV technology. You see that almost every new car coming in this day is EV. Recently, we see that a new and most beautiful EV comes on the market. EV car has the main advantage is this car has no fuel cost and the second main reason is the environment friendly. Now due to not taking steps for clean and green environments, global warming is suddenly increasing.

Obviously, cars are not the main reason for global warming. But, it is one of the main reasons. We should also work on other factors so we reduce global warming and save the future world. Now in the world, there are more than a billion cars. Almost every 8 persons one should have to own a car. You realize from 1:8 that how widely cars are using in the world. Bikes, trucks, and other auto-related machines are separate and they also have billion of users.


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so, if we enter the EVs in the market then we can reduce the polluted environment and take the good initiative to clean and green environment. Now let’s see the new development in EV World.


Rimac Nevera:


Rimac Nevera

Rimac Nevera | Exterior


A recently Croatian company founded by Mate Rimac in 2009. The amazing thing is the company made the first car “Concept One” it is the fastest production car of that time. The company started production in EV technology. Rimac is now a world know Croatian auto brand. Rimac makes Nevera which is considered the most beautiful EV in the world.


Rimac Reviled Most Beautiful EV:


RImac Nevera

RImac Nevera | Side look


Recently, we see the launching of the new Rimac Nevera. The car looks so beautiful, personally, I liked this car look so much. The first look of this car is so impressive and powerful. The car has a very strong exterior. We called as the most beautiful EV, the main reason is the car design is so powerful and made most finely.

Also when we hear the features, we were amazed that this most beautiful EV Nevera is more powerful than Bugatti Chiron. Bugatti Chiron is considered the most powerful car. But, this Rimac sets a new trend that we are not in the back. The bounty and light design increase in car’s beauty. Fish style light design makes a car more pretty. The car looks elegant from the front.


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The best part is the side part, from the side, the car looks more gorgeous and stunning. The rims play the best role in making this car more pretty. Also, the design of the doors is so stylistic, the side profile of this car is so powerful and almost complete.


RImac Nevera

RImac Nevera | Interior


From the back, the car looks strong, the light style and the spoiler make a strong car look. Rimac puts very hard work into this car and this car speaks itself as the most beautiful EV.

Rimac not put only their focus on the interior but also on performance. You are amazed right now and we are also amazed by hearing that this car is more powerful than Bugatti Chiron, also one of the most powerful EVs in the world.

Nevera has a power of 1,914 HP and 258 mph (415 km/h), also the quickest car in the world 0-60 mph in just 1.85s.


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From these specifications, we see that this most beautiful EV Nevera powerful. These types of EVs are very rare in the market. The mind-blowing thing is Rimac claimed that this is the fastest car in the world. Before this, Tesla claimed that Roadster is the quickest car in the world. The roadster has 0-60 mph in 1.9s, now RImac breaks this record and claims the fastest car in the world.


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