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Car Usage in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, people love cars, and many passionate peoples available for cars. You can say Pakistan is a car-loving country. You see so many luxury cars in Pakistan roads, It is an under developing country. You can see traffic almost all day on roads in major cities. Car trend is now continuously rising in Pakistan, many new auto companies are coming in Pakistan and many are preparing for coming. In Pakistan.

Every Pakistan’s citizen dreams to have their own car, In Pakistan, the transportation system is not good as other countries have. Due to the poor transportation system, people wish to have their own car so they can travel freely and safely. Car prices are so high in Pakistan, but still, our citizens buy cars just because they like them and sadly they have no other option.

High car prices and heavy import duties on car, despite this consumer still buying and importing cars. Japenese car duties are so high, R-Grade cars mean major accident happened with this car, still sell in Pakistan more than its actual price, but the quality is still better than our local cars.


Luxury Cars in Pakistan:

Many car importers and authorized dealers in Pakistan such as:

  • Mercedes Benz.
  • BMW.
  • Audi.
  • Porsche.


Luxury cars in Pakistan

Luxury cars in Pakistan


These are the top 10 car manufacturers in the world and these are all German Brands. These brands have a large number of luxury cars in Pakistan. These luxurious brands cars are widely used in Pakistan, Mercedes, the most popular, reliable, long-life cars maker also have a large number of their products. We see a decent number of Mercedes cars on the roads. All Government institutions and supreme leadership use Mercedes Benz.

Their C-Class is now common on roads, down model of C-Class we see on the roads. E-Class and S-Class is the premium class used by the elite class. Mercedes is widely used because of its high comfort level and luxurious feelings. The factory price of C-Class starts from 13-18 million PKR + Import duties. In this new auto policy, the government is tried to reduce import duties in the upcoming policy.

Pakistan is filled with Mercedes lovers. The most expensive famous 6*6 Mercedes that is only 15 of in this world are available in Pakistan. The old, antique and rare Mercedes are also available in Pakistan.

The ultimate design and the up-to-date car made by BMW. 7-Series, the ultimate design car with futuristic technology like auto parking, auto-drive, and other luxurious features. A large number of BMW are available in Pakistan, also used market are available of these luxury cars in Pakistan. BMW 7 series and I-8 are widely used in Pakistan, in new models these two are widely seen on roads.

The German beauty Audi have also lovers in Pakistan. Audi have also their passionate supporters in Pakistan. They have showrooms in major cities of Pakistan. Audi also has luxury cars in Pakistan series ,Audi A and Q series are widely used and considered luxury cars in Pakistan.

Audi tried to settle their assembling plant in Pakistan in previous government but due to some reasons, the deal can’t make it.

That’s heartbreaking for especially car lovers. Their parent company Volkswagen also going to set their assembling plant in Dry Port Gwadar the company set their plant in the previous year but due to the corona disaster, the company can’t settle their plant. In 2022, the company starts assembling Amarok pickup and T6 Wagon.

These three car companies also have competition in Pakistan, all companies are on the top of their own. Let’s see the comparison of Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes

Car lover’s crush Porsche also has their setup in Pakistan. The famous Porsche centre Lahore also have loyal customers. Recently, they launch the first-ever electric car Taycan also available in Pakistan. You can see so many packages in one car. Electric engine, Luxurious car and sports structure in one frame, You can say that this is Porsche all in one car,




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