Luxury Automotive Sector in Dubai:

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In the previous blog, we see the Super automotive sector and now we will discuss the Luxury automotive sector of Dubai.

Luxury Automotive sector in Dubai:

As we talked about in the previous blog that Dubai nationals are having a lot of wealth. They like to buy expensive things. When you google that who buys the most expensive car, cloth, watch, shoes, and other things you see mostly Arabs on the front lists.

Royal family use luxury cars mostly they use Mercedes G-Wagon. When I see in pictures that Dubai and UAE rulers mostly use Mercedes G-Wagon or other luxury cars. Also, Dubai has the most luxurious cars in the World All luxury automotive owners open their showrooms or give the contract to showroom owners in UAE. So, Let’s see.



Rolls-Royce is the luxurious car company in the World. They recently launched a new model Phantom V-8 (the Luxurious car in the World). The majority of rich people use Rolls-Royce in UAE. Rolls-Royce has officially opened its showroom in Dubai. AGMC group has the owner of Rolls-Royce in Dubai. Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the most luxurious SUV in the world.

The largest showroom of Rolls Royce in the world is opened in Abu-Dhabi

You see luxury cars in Dubai. You can rent a Rolls-Royce. The car rent starts from 2,600 AED or more. Even normal hotels in Dubai offer a Rolls-Royce service on customer choice.



Lamborghini is famous because of supercars. But now they recently launched Urus (The fastest SUV in the World).

Lamborghini Urus


The Largest showroom of Lamborghini in the World is operated in Dubai.

We don’t see a lot of Urus on Dubai roads because it was too expensive but Lamborghini has a decent no of Urus inroads.



Telsa the electric car company famous for its electric luxury and supercars. Their SUV variant Telsa X (a compact size SUV) with all luxury features. Even this car has autopilot. All features you can imagine has found in this car.

Tesla Model X

The number of Telsa is increased in Dubai, Slowly slowly the Tesla user is rising.


Mercedes Benz:

Mercedes Benz is the oldest car company in the world. Especially their G-Wagon, S-Class, and Maybach Series. These are something out of the world. Maybach series have some limited models. G-Wagon and S-Class are regular models. In Dubai, we mostly see the G-Wagon and S-Class. Mercedes have a proper showroom in Dubai

Mercedes Benz

Maybach Exelero is the 2nd most expensive car in the World. Exelero was made with the collaboration of Diamler in 2005. This car only produces ever. It is the only one-one car in the World. 



Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) have both luxury and supercars. Their supercar is also a luxury car. Mostly, the supercars are not luxury. BMW is known as a luxury sedan and X series in the World. Their 7 series are luxurious variants and the other is a middle luxury car. The X-series is the SUVs series. Their new X7 is mind-blowing. X7 included in the top 10 luxurious SUVs.

BMW 7 Series

The Largest showroom of BMW in the World is operated in Abu-Dhabi. In Dubai, you mostly see the 7 series. The majority of airports and big hotels use BMW as a car service. 



Audi is German auto manufacture. All types of Audi models use in Dubai. In Dubai, you see both Super and Luxury models. Some sedans are both Luxury and Super features. 

Audi Showroom

The Largest showroom of Audi in the World is operated in Dubai. In Dubai, we see Audi R8, A-series, R-series, Q-series (SUV). Recently we see, Audi-E-Tron (The first electric SUV of Audi) also spotted on the roads of Dubai. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes both have a great number of vehicles in the UAE.



Bentley is known for its Finest car works. The interior and leather seats are perfectly done by the factory. It was also famous for handmade leather seats. Bentley Continental GT is the most prominent model of Bentley. When they launch the new Bentley Bentayga, It grabs the attention from all over the world because of its luxury look. Bentley Mulsanne also a luxury car of Bentley.

Bentley Interior

The Largest showroom of Bentley in the World is now in Dubai. In Dubai, you mostly see Bentayga and Continental GT both are luxury cars.  A new Continental GT is the most popular car in Bentley. 


Range Rover:

Range Rover is well known in the World especially in UAE. Range Rover has the luxurious SUVs in the World at the low prices. In UAE, Range Rover is now common on roads. Range Rover Vogue Auto Biography is the most luxurious SUV in the World after Cullinan. 

Range Rover

Range Rover recently launched a new model “Velar”. The luxurious compact size SUV with complete digital speed-o-meter and controls. The other models also have great importance. If you want to see Range Rover power then see this video.



Porsche a german manufacture and a part of the biggest car manufacture Volkswagen. Porsche also made a great name in Formula one racing. Recently launch Porsche Taycann shook the car market all over the World. The car is both a luxury and supercar feature. It is also the first electric car of Porsche.

Porsche GT3 911

In Dubai, Porsche Cayenne is now common. New Porsche Cayenne and Panamera are the luxurious cars of Porsche.



Lexus has a lot of variants. Some are luxurious and some are standard cars. In Luxurious the well-known SUV is Lexus LX 570. The most useable luxury SUV in the whole UAE. Lexus LS is a luxury sedan but it is not prominent in Dubai.




Toyota is the most useful car in the World. Also in Dubai after these luxury car companies, people use Toyota. The most useful SUV in the World is Land Cruiser V8. You see a lot of V8 while cruising in the UAE. 

Land Cruisers in Dubai Desert



Lincoln is an old company founded in 1917 in America. Initially, it was not famous Worldwide. But recently they launch a new SUV “Lincoln Navigator”. “Navigator made a name in Top 5 Luxurious SUV in World”. 

Lincoln has the largest showroom in the World in Dubai. 

Lincoln Navigator



General Motor Corporation (GMC) is an American company. GMC is famous because of its SUV. GMC have also sedan but it was not famous. GMC is the biggest car manufacture in the United States. Just because of their Pickup trucks and their powerful SUVs. 

GMC Terrain

In Dubai, we see a decent number of GMC Trucks and SUVs. The overall cars of GMC were powerful. The giant size SUV and trucks grab the attention.



It was also a part of GMC. Cadillac is the oldest American car company in the World. American President uses Cadillac cars. The American president own’s car and all protocol have Cadillac cars. In Dubai, we mostly see the Cadillac Escalade the SUV.

Cadillac Escalade

There are mostly used SUVs in UAE. The majority of Royal families and other rich people must have SUV.



Jeep is an SUV shape car company. The company produces luxury SUVs at a Decent price. Jeep is a long size SUV. Jeep made a decent amount of vehicles in Dubai.

Jeep SUV

We see different variants of Jeep on Dubai roads and also in UAE.


Now we will end this blog here, hope you like this Luxury cars blog.

If I miss some big company then comment down and tell me.


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