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Now we see the leading automobiles in Pakistan:

We see in Pakistan that the car craze trend is going to rise rapidly, we see a lot of big companies return back or newly enter in the automobile industry. The auto trend is going to change. The majority who buy 4.5 million Honda Civic or 4 million Grande are gradually shifted towards SUVs especially Sportage. The Hyundai Tucson and now the newly MG made their impressive name in SUV automobiles.


The leading car manufacture in the World

In Pakistan, It is the first modern automobile multinational private companies. You can see on the roads that the Toyota Corolla and Mehran are the leading cars of Pakistan. We see especially in the rural area that more than 90% of the sedans are Corolla. Corolla is famous because of the Rough and Tough car. You can even drive Corolla on an unpaved road. 

Toyota Corolla has an advantage in that, Corolla car is made according to Pakistani roads. The distance from the car base to the ground is greater than Honda. One of the reasons for succeeding of Toyota is that it is the first top leading company that introduces its cars officially in Pakistan. 


Most Famous SUV in the World

Most Famous SUV in the World (Land Cruiser)


I personally fan of Toyota because Toyota cars are very road-friendly. But, the new Yaris has disappointed us very much because the car look, they grill design, and light design are like ahh. I see on the internet that Toyota Yaris is one of the ugliest cars in the World. A compact size disappointing sedan is introduced in Pakistan in 2020. The price of this car is also mindless. The car price in Pakistan starts at 2.5 million. When we compare the price and a car it looks logicless step. 

But now, Yaris is not popular as Indus Motor Company expecting. Because of the new car companies in Pakistan and the increase in options of sedans. Yaris is not popular. 


Honda is considered a luxury sedan in Pakistan. Atlas Group brings the manufacturing plant of Honda in Pakistan in 1992. Before this, they introduce Honda Bikes in 1963. Honda Atlas is the first and biggest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan, after this, they introduce Honda Cars. Honda car is famous for its comfort and sporty look. Now Honda Civic andCity is the leading sedan of Pakistan.


Leading car manufacturers in Pakistan

Most Popular Honda Car (CIVIC)


Honda doesn’t have too many models in Pakistan. In Pakistan, there are only two models and their further variants which are Honda City and Honda Civic. Honda has hundreds of models all over the world. But, in Pakistan, only two variants are there, Sadly. 

Honda Civic is the leading car of Honda in Pakistan. In Honda we see the sporty look, Hot led headlight design, Well design alloy rims. Honda Civic has an impressive exterior and Interior. In the Interior, we see standard features, push-button, and Rear AC. But the Civic was very expensive. I think this car was not more than 3 million. But the car price starts from 3.7 million to 4.5 million. Exclude car price which is the main negative factor, the Car looks great. 

Honda City is the other sedan of Honda. It’s a simple sedan with simple features. Toyota Yaris and Honda City have the same range and competitor.


Suzuki is the national car manufacturer of Pakistan. In 1982 the agreement between Suzuki and Pakistan Government has happened. Suzuki is the most popular car and the leading car in Pakistan. More than 90% of Pakistan hatchbacks are Suzuki made. Suzuki hatchback is the leading hatchback of Pakistan. Before the Japanese car trend rising in Pakistan, we see almost 100% of Suzuki sedans in the streets of the whole of Pakistan. This is the leading Hatchback in Pakistan because of many reasons. Such as:

  • Wide Variety.
  • Prices.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low cost.
  • Good Average.
  • Easy availability of Spare parts.

and the Suzuki gives us the widest variety of leading Pakistani hatchback in Pakistan.

  • Suzuki Mehran (The national car of Pakistan, but now the company has ended the production in March 2019).
  • Suzuki Alto (Price range is from 1.2 million to 1.6 million).
  • Suzuki Swift (leading hatchback of Suzuki). 
  • Suzuki Cultus (the most prominent and leading hatchback of Suzuki).

Suzuki has a wide variety of hatchbacks. Suzuki also introduces their sedans in Pakistan. Such as Magralla and Baleno (you can say the cheapest car in Pakistan before 2008). But, both cars were discontinued. The new Baleno was introduced in other countries. The new Baleno is something very very different. It looks like a luxury SUV with all the main features but, it was not officially available in Pakistan.


Suzuki Vitara

Old Suzuki Vitara


We see that Suzuki sedans are not successful. In 2015, Suzuki introduces its luxurious sedan which is Kizashi. The car totally flopped and it was discontinued in 2016. In the rest of the world, it was introduced in 2008 and discontinued in 2014. We see from this example that Suzuki sedans are not successful.

I think the main thing about succeeding in the car is their price.

People see the price and after that, they see the further car. When the price and the car features have not to match, then this car will not succeed. Especially in Pakistan, people have only one opinion, they say this car is not worthing in such a big price. 

As compared to Kizashi, Ciaz is far better than Kizashi. Ciaz is the standard sedan shape car introduced in 2017. But, I have seen on Google that also Ciaz is going to discontinue. 

In Pakistan, Liana is the most successful sedan of Suzuki The car looks good and the features are also worthing. The car price is also decent. Overall, the car is decent and according to their price, the car is good. 

Suzuki is also popular because of:

  • Suzuki Bolan (compact size van and have 8 people sitting capacity).
  • Suzuki Ravi (Pickup).

Suzuki Bolan is the most popular van of Suzuki. It is useful for many reasons. In Pakistan big cities, students are using Suzuki Bolan as their pick and drop service and it is useful for other things such as Cargo, Ambulance, and others and Suzuki Ravi is also popular because of the cheapest compact size pickup.


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