KIA Stonic Price in Pakistan | 2021 New Cars in Pakistan:

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KIA Stonic:

Technology is the name of unstoppable, Korean beauty and world-known auto brand KIA introduces their new crossover Stonic in Pakistan. That’s a piece of great news that KIA Stonic price in Pakistan, also some units spotted in the roads of Pakistan. KIA Pakistan keeps secret this mission and is soon to be revealed and made their top name in the auto industry of Pakistan.

KIA is widely used in the rest of the world but recently in Pakistan, they introduces their cars back to 2 decades they launch their new cars but due to financial reason, they discontiune the production and left.

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But now in 2018 they again appeared and comes with a new beast. This time they made a very strong entry in the field with the all-new and one of the best mid-size affordable SUV Sportage, very popular and good car and in the short time, they made their very aggressive name in the Pakistan auto market.

Grand Carnival is also another beautiful edition in the fleet. The 11 seater van with a dual sunroof and with great features makes this beast more luxurious and stunning. Picanto is the best edition in the small beast. The three beasts enter successfully the Pakistan market.

Now in 2021, they enter a new 7 seaters beautiful large SUV Sorento and it was quite an impressive beast. Gradually, expect sedans they launch their cars in almost all categories. Now a couple of yesterdays we see new crossover KIA Stonic spotted a couple of yesterdays back.

KIA Stonic price in Pakistan:

KIA Stonic price in Pakistan is expected to be released around 3.5 to 4 million PKR. KIA Stonic price in Pakistan is set to compete with MG ZS. In comparison with MG ZS, KIA Stonic have better look and great features.

KIA Stonic Overview:

The crossover seems very good and aggressive from the front, the front with a small grill and huge size bumper we see. Light with a decent design seems beautiful, side look is very perfect. From the side, it seems like a beautiful and big size crossover.

From the back, it looks pretty similar to Sportage, Sportage is also very beautiful from the back, Stonic back looks very friendly to Sportage. Overall, the style and structure of this car according to price and range is very great. The car looks OK and in Pakistan, if the specifications and features are good with a decent price then it is going to be successful in the market.

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Inside this, we see a very decent made interior in our terms, According to the comparison of Toyota and Honda we see very better exterior and interior compare with Honda and Toyota. Steering is fully optional and the speed-o-meter is pretty similar to the Audi series.

The central console is standard with good options and things seem very good. KIA Stonic price in Pakistan is successful if the price is good or low with competitors. A lot of people fed up with these traditional car companies and shifted to new car companies like MG, KIA, and Hyundai.

KIA Stonic price in Pakistan is should be less than Civic and Grande, In Pakistan, the price is should be less than it is gonna be successful, KIA Stonic price in Pakistan is not revealed by officials yet. But, in my opinion, it is going to be successful if auto companies work on these terms to be successful.

According to my terms,  KIA Stonic price in Pakistan should be 3.8 million PKR. Then people built interest in mind for buying a car, cheap price is the main attraction for the success of everything.

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