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KIA is basically a Korean company founded in 1944. Now under in Hyundai Group. Hyundai group is state-owned and includes one of the biggest car manufacturers in the World.

KIA in Pakistan:

In a very short period of time, KIA made a great name in Pakistan’s auto industry. KIA Sportage already gave very tough competition to Corolla Grande and Honda Civic. For the first time ever,

KIA Sold more cars as compared to Honda in previous month

We see that KIA is rising because People want something new. Sportage gave a very tough time to sedans and crossovers. KIA Sportage has three variants starts from RS 4.4 – 5.4 million. You can see more on:

Is KIA going to launch new cars in Pakistan in 2021


KIA officially gives a sneak peek of 4 new models which are Stinger, Sorento, Cerato, and Rio. These models are going to launch one by one. Now the first model they introduce is Sorento. Sorento is a 7 seater SUV compete with Toyota Fortuner. They launch different model of Sorento in Pakistan and Asia and the rest of the World have launch Sorento with little changes.


KIA Sorento:

KIA Sorento is 7 Seater SUV with all advanced features and more latest as compared to Toyota Fortuner. Sorento is recently launched in Karachi. Now the Sorento is available at every dealership of KIA.

Sorento is handsome looking SUV although the rest of the world has a more beautiful model than this. But, this model is also very handsome. Sorento has a direct competition with Toyota Fortuner. Sorento comes in three variants.

  1. 2.4 L Front Wheel Drive (RS 7 Million).
  2. 2.4 L All Wheel Drive (RS 8 Million).
  3. 3.5 L Front Wheel Drive – Premium Variant (RS 8.4 Million).


KIA in Pakistan | Sorento in KIA Racing Track | Photo from Taimoor Salahuddin

KIA in Pakistan | Sorento in KIA Racing Track | Photo from Taimoor Salahuddin

Toyota Fortuner has four variants.
  1. 2.7 G (RS 7.7 Million).
  2. 2.7 V (RS 8.4 Million).
  3. 2.8 Sigma 4 (RS 9.15 Million).
  4. TRD Sportivo (RS 9.4 Million).


When we compare the price, there is a vast difference. But Sorento is more advanced. In Sorento, we see.

  • Panoramic Roof.
  • Climate Control.
  • Cruise Control.
  • Dual AC
  • 3rd Row has its own AC and its control.
  • Rain Sensors.
  • Power and Heated folding side-view mirrors.
  • AWD.
  • 6 and 8 Speed Automatic Transmission.
  • Traction Control.
  • Multimedia Screen 7 and 8 Inch.
  • Autoboot.
  • Four Driving modes.
  • Wireless mobile charging.
  • Other standard features.

All variants are powerful. According to the test drive which is held on 14 Feb. Both 2.4L variants are powerful and strong road grip. The 3.5L engine has ultimate power. This is the most powerful car which is made in Pakistan. KIA is the first company in Pakistan which producing a 3.5L Engine.


KIA in Pakistan | Sorento in KIA Factory

KIA in Pakistan | Sorento display in KIA Factory | Photo from Pak Wheels


KIA in Pakistan introduces a new 7 seater crossover. Before this, there is not a vast variety available in 7 seater category car. KIA directly hit the Toyota Fortuner market. KIA in Pakistan made a reputation with Sportage. They don’t need to give more effort as they give Sportage. KIA already made a great reputation through Sportage. KIA in Pakistan is famous just because of its Sportage. We see more and the latest features in this car at a decent price.

KIA in Pakistan disturbs the monopoly of the Big three in every type of car.

Through Picanto, they disturbed the Hatchback Market.
Through Sportage, they disturbed the Civic and Japanese compact SUVs.
Through Sorento, they are going to disturb Toyota Fortuner and other 7 Seater cars.
Through Grand Carnival, they Distrubed Toyota Hiace and other Japanese Vans.

Sorento booking is now started and people warmly welcome the Sorento in the Pakistani Market. This is the most advanced and biggest car made by Pakistan. We heard that in June, they are going to launch Cerato. Cerato is a sedan shape and gorgeous looking car that directly hit the market of all sedans which is assembled in Pakistan.

Sorento’s reliability and long life see when they officially joined the auto market of Pakistan.


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