Is Tesla Model X overcome the other electric SUV’s

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“Tesla automobiles have made a great name in the automobile industry in a short time.”


Tesla has only 4 models Model X, Model Y, Model 3, Model S.


They made a great name through variant Model X. The way they made a car is completely phenomenal their lights, their doors, the famous tesla panel, and acceleration are completely outstanding.

Tesla Model X:

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X concept is designed in California on February 9, 2012.

The price of the car is very attractive starts at 80,000 USD $. It is much cheaper than Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin DBX, Range Rover autobiography, Rolls Royce Cullinan, and other cars. This SUV’s having more features than others.

This is the luxurious Suv of Telsa in an economy budget. Other SUV’s such as Cullinan, Urus, and others have a very high price. Tesla Model X has all the advanced features.


Features and specifications of Tesla Model X:     

“The main feature of this Electric luxury SUV’s Model X is the car is 7 seater in compact shape.”   

The main features of this car are:

Long-life battery:

The battery with a warrant of 150,000 miles or 8 years. The car is such a long guarantee increases the attention of the audience. Like, the only main disadvantage of the electric car is their battery expenses or battery short life. but, this Tesla Model X their overall car performance is a phenomenon.

All-Wheel Drive:

The fully powered electric vehicle with all-wheel drive.


The acceleration of the tesla X is 0-60 mph in 2.8s. This is also impressive because of the SUV with 7 seaters with such a great performance.


Traveled up to 351 miles in a single charge.



360 degree 3D camera.


This car having 12 ultra-sensitive sensors. Which sees the front and rear parking, autopilot sensors, and other safety sensors.

Tesla Famous panel:


The most famous panel is called the Tesla screen. the 17-inch luxurious and famous screen The interior controls are handled by only one screen like AC adjusting, seat adjusting, multimedia controls, sensors control, etc.


Autopilot this car having a feature to drive a car without a driver. Don’t worry this is the safest autopilot with 12 ultra sensors and a 360-degree camera to see from here and there.

Safety Features:

The highest safety features having a strong body and adding an extra layer before the engine to provide maximum safety for passengers in a car accident.



The exterior looks like a compact but, this variant has 7 seating capacity. The exterior has seen like sporty and they have 20 or 22-inch alloy rims which grab the attention of the customer.

Most famous feature Falcon Wings doors:

It is also called the dancing doors. In the key set, you see the button as you press the button, doors moving up and down. This special feature is only introduced by Tesla until now.


It is Ranked on:

  • Number one on Luxury, hybrid, and electric SUVs.
  • Number three on Cross-over SUVs
  • Number three on Luxury SUVs with three rows.

Tesla Model X

E-Vehicles in the Automobile Industry:

For several years, The trend changing in the automobile industry. The typical engine which is running in petrol is not given priority to the customer because of the environment, In modern era’s clean environment is everyone’s dream. Petrol running engine polluted the environment and as a result, the major disease is diagnosed such as lung infection, oxygen problems, and other health diseases.



Tesla is famous because of introducing the first car with such amazing features and because of both hybrid and electric and some luxurious features. This increases the sale of the car. Tesla is considered as the father of modern electric SUV  maker as a result, The electric SUV trend starts from this now you can see, every major company has its own electric SUV variant.


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