Is KIA going to launch new cars in Pakistan 2021:

New cars in 2021 by KIA

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KIA is the second largest auto manufacture company in South Korea. Hyundai  owns KIA (the largest auto manufacturer in South Korea).

Recently, we have seen the Car trend in Pakistan is rapidly changing from Sedan to SUV cars. One of the reasons for this is, The price of sedan shape cars is increasing rapidly and almost equal to SUVs. So the customers would prefer to buy an SUV rather than a Sedan shape car.

KIA initially launched in Pakistan in 1994 by Naya Daur motors. The car such as Pride, Spectra, and a small hatchback car. But due to some reasons the company was closed.

KIA cars in Pakistan:

KIA again launched Pakistan in 2018. In less than 2 years KIA made a great name and have the capability of taking competition with other car manufactures. Now KIA has three variants. Picanto (Hatchback), Sportage (SUV), and KIA Grand Carnival (7 Seater luxury Korean assembled Van). Because of Sportage KIA customers is increasing day by day. Now they launch the other variants which are RIO, Cerato, Stinger, and Sorento.

So, let’s begin with this…


RIO is a compact size car with standard features and attraction. The company started producing RIO in other countries in 1999. The latest 4th generation model was initially introduced in Pakistan’s major cities.

RIO is basically a standard feature vehicle but in Pakistan, it is considered as one of the luxurious small hatchback cars. No doubt the car changes the market trend in 2021. Pakistan is slowly bringing innovation to the auto industry.

KIA RIO in Pakistan

The front looks decent with attraction. The car doesn’t look extraordinary but in Pakistan, the variant has the capability to compete with other cars. The light size looks very huge. As we saw from this picture when you google the car. The interior looks like a Picanto with minor changes. The meter looks OK in my eye.

KIA Cerato:

KIA Cerato is a stylish and attractive sedan shape car with some advanced features. The KIA has a lot of variants in other countries now they are considered the standard car. But in Pakistan, the car seeks the attention of peoples. As compared to City and Yaris the car looks are more preferable than these cars. KIA models have an advantage in that they give you standard and advanced features at a decent price.

KIA Cerato

The car looks very attractive from the front. Beautifully placed fog light in the down grill. In Pakistan, initially, the unrevealed Cerato is on the roads of major cities of Pakistan. I think car popularity depends on its price in Pakistan. When the car price is around 2.2 million or 2.3 million, then this car gains a great market and made the capability of competing for another same level car.

From the front, the car looks attractive and it’s a compact size sedan car as compared to Cultus, Picanto, and Swift. The front light size is large and has standard tires with alloy rims. Overall, the car looks great.


KIA Stinger:

One of my most favorite cars of KIA. The car looks very great. Large size luxurious look 4 seaters and 4 door cars. I am not conforming but I believe they completely change the car trend in Pakistan as compared to Civic and Corolla Yaris and even Altis Grande. The car has a much greater look and feature.

KIA Stinger

From the front, the car looks very great, it looks like BMW from the front. The size of the headlight is very ideal. The front grill also looks great. When you see the alloy rims of the car it’s mind-blowing (I mean, in an economical standard car the exterior looking much attractive) as compared to other cars. But from the back they look don’t attractive as from the front. In my opinion, it seems like KIA photograph the back of the Jaguar Xf.


KIA Sorento:

KIA Sorento is a 7 seater SUV. In Pakistan, KIA is known because of Sportage (compact size 5 seater SUV). In Pakistan, when the car is launched it compares with Toyota Fortuner. Toyota Fortuner has ranged from 7.8 to 9.4 million PKR. Car popularity depends on Price. The new model of Sorento is very great looking. Because of grill and light combination. But Unfortunately in Pakistan, The previous shape of Sorento is going to launch.

KIA Sorento

From the front, the car looks good. Overall, the car look is compact as compared to the Toyota Fortuner. Because in Pakistan, the competition with Toyota Fortuner is not so easy. So, in this variant, KIA needs to have a great eye on the variant.

Overall Look:

The main thing about KIA cars which I like is their speedometer these meters are both (analog and digital), the analog meter provides reading of Speed, RPM, Temperature, and Petrol, and the digital meter gives you information from car sensors such as security, Kilomiles, and doors. Nowadays, these features were common but due to poor auto policy or self-interest.

Sadly, I have to say this that auto development in Pakistan is slow for so many years but now since 2016, Auto Industry is one of the fastest-growing industry of Pakistan. 

Pakistan is slowly bringing innovation to the auto industry. As you see, 2020 is around the corner and in 2021 you see the big changes in the auto industry. Proton came with many variants, MG came with electric Suv’s, and finally, our government has focused on improving the auto industry by bringing the new auto manufactures.


I know KIA is facing so many problems in Pakistan. When Sportage is gaining popularity the main incident just happens. In DHA, during raining the car roof is leaking. This incident has a bad impact and damages the reputation of KIA.

Overall, KIA gains so much positive response in Pakistan and they are now ready to set up their other four popular cars.

But now, KIA is improving day by day. People compare the KIA with Toyota or Honda. Toyota or Honda is assembling the car in Pakistan for more than 25 years. KIA recently launched in Pakistan so, KIA needs time to improve themselves. In my opinion, with new variants and improvements, KIA gave a very tough time for Toyota and Honda.


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