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Car Trend Changing in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, during these years Pakistan’s auto industry is rapidly rising. Before this, Pakistan has only three big auto companies, Toyota Honda and Suzuki. There are so many others but they can’t be successful in the market. Mostly in rural areas peoples used Toyota because in Pakistan Toyota Corolla is called rough and tuff. Mostly in rural areas, I see corolla rather than Suzuki and Honda. Honda and Suzuki have also a market in rural areas but compare to corolla they have a little market.

Faw also has a market. Their pickup truck made a great market. But due to management problems, the company’s growth is not good. In recent years Prince pearl and the United company also started production of the car. But they also can’t achieve success. According to my opinion, they give decent features in cars worth around 1 million. But the car quality is not good and especially both cars exteriors look like ugly and small.

According to Propakistani Toyota Corolla is the highest sold car in Pakistan. 

The trend of SUVs is rising in Pakistan:

Kia Sportage:

But in these two years 2019 and 2020, The trend of Suv’s is rising in Pakistan. KIA made a great name in SUV. This is because KIA has a low price as compared to Honda and Toyota. Comparing the features of these three cars I suggest that you should buy the KIA Sportage. When giving 38 to 43 lacs to Toyota or Honda they giving you fewer features. In 43 lacs KIA also has a variant Sportage Alpha but they have no impressive features. But when you spent 5 to 6 lacs more you have a great car with great features. In around 39 lac you get Toyota Grande and around 47 lacs you get Honda Civic RS Turbo.

KIA Sportage starts from 43 Lac and ends in 53 lac with three variants FWD and AWD and Alpha. KIA alpha price is 43 lac. In my opinion, Honda and Toyota increase prices by around 70% in just two years. That’s why the demand for KIA Sportage is increased.

Rising auto industry in Pakistan

Picanto Sportage, and Grand Carnival in one frame

Their most sold variant is KIA Sportage. It is because they give us great features at a decent price (prices as compared to civic and grande). Sportage is a 5 seater SUV with great features such as:

auto industry in Pakistan

KIA Sportage Interior

Features and Specifications of KIA Sportage:

Three driving modes:


Other Premium and Standard Features:

Auto climate control
Keyless entry
Multimedia Steering
9 Inch screen
Panoramic Roof
One reverse right
Back look like Porsche
Fog lamps
Traction control
Trunk Button (for opening and closing)
Good Fuel average

Their other variants are also attractive but through Sportage, KIA made their name in Pakistan. In Sportage AWD the car is so so good at driving. Personally, we drove a car in Islamabad. Their engine Pic is so impressive. The car grip on the road is also good you can also drove in rural and mountain areas.

Hyundai Tucson:

Hyundai is again rising in Pakistan. Before this, their pickup (Shehzore) is famous all over Pakistan. The capacity of this pickup is fair and good. But it was discontinued in 2010. After some years they launched the new pickup truck with the name H-100 which is similar to the shehzore. They also made their market with this variant but it was little. Now they launched Hyundai Tucson in Pakistan.

On 11 August 2020, they launch Tucson Virtually in Lahore. It is also the first-ever virtual auto show in Pakistan.

auto industry in Pakistan

Hyundai Tucson

Tucson also gives a strong impression to customers through the front grille and headlights. In my opinion, the overall car looking is good.

Comparison of KIA and Tucson:

But in my opinion, KIA Sportage is far better than Hyundai Tucson It is because of:

KIA Sportage has a panoramic sunroof and Tucson have a standard roof
KIA Sportage has less expensive as compared to Tucson
KIA Sportage has a beautiful interior as compared to Tucson

MG (Morris Garages):

In 2020 Pakistan has a new addition to the automobile industry. Haier CEO Javed Afridi brings MG (Morris Garages) to Pakistan. They have three variants, One is fully electric. 

MG (morris garages) is a British automobile company. The front looking pretty. The headlights are so impressive. The partition of light in the headlight looks good. The front grill also has an aggressive impression. In Pakistan, they offer three interior colors. The booking of this car is now started. 

One thing which I like about this car is the gearbox. Their gearbox of this car is not ordinary. The gearbox of this car looks like the BMW 7 series. Normally, the car in this range has an ordinary gearbox.

I don’t know much about this car. When I personally see this car. Then I share Car features and specifications. In the picture, the car is looking good. 

Disadvantages of electric vehicles:

After Audi e Tron it is also the second SUV in Pakistan having one variant with fully electric. But in my opinion, the Electric car is not successful in a long route in Pakistan. Because they don’t have a car charger in motorways and highways. The car charger is only available in major cities of Pakistan. These fully electric vehicles are not good on long routes.

Improving electric vehicle technology:

But, the government has improved so much because Electric buses also coming to Pakistan. In 2021 the electric buses are in Pakistan. So they personally took this issue of vehicle charging. When the electric buses came they also starting making charging stations. I need people and government needs some time to improve the technology.


In Short, In these two or three years, the car trend in Pakistan have a great change. A considerable amount of civic customers shifted into KIA Sportage. When Toyota launched the Yaris the customers of the corolla is also shifted. Tucson also gives a strong impression to customers. And now, British automobiles MG also signed MOU with Javed Afridi to bring electric vehicles in Pakistan.


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