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World’s largest Motor Show:

Geneva motor is the world-known and the biggest motor show in the history of world. Many new auto comers introduce their cars in geneva motor show. Unfortunately Geneva motor show postponed, the reason is already you know. The Pandemic destroyed the world economy things are getting late and late due to this pandemic.

2022 Geneva motor show postponed

Koenigsegg at Geneva Motor Show

Technically this pandemic stop the progress and at least gave a two year difference, we are still in 2019 and now we are currently getting out in this situation. Major countries give major relief and now the situation is getting towards normal, but it needs so much time to get completely normal.

Geneva motor show postponed and people are very sad. Because,

The third consecutive year that Europe largest auto show is cancelled 

Many major projects are slow down or completely stopped, COVID pandemic disturbs all the world, and auto industry is on the top victim. Geneva auto show postponed in 2022 raises questions that situation is getting towards normal and then why they canceled again. Long awaited auto show is going to start in February 2022.

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Many long awaited revealing and futuristic concept is shown but, it is canceled. What can I say except waiting, it postponed to 2023. Many companies now have more time and they should more focus on making their product stronger.

After three years this is gonna be the most amazing auto show of history.

After third consecutive time of Geneva motor show postponed, the next Geneva motor show is going to be the most insane, consecutive three years of pause in concept and revealing and whenever the next auto show comes it is gonna be insane.

Geneva motor show postponed but this comeback will be stronger. Things are stopped for like two years and more and officials announced that Geneva motor show postponed to 2023 and in 2023 this is gonna be stronger comeback.

Authorities tried that this motor not be delayed anymore. They have full focus that the motor show should be happening in 2022. But, due to late work and pandemic disturbs so many companies not complete their project.

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Coronavirus maybe going to end but its compact after end in the industry is like minimum of two years. Firstly they completed their project and this time they are going to revealed or working their future projects. They tried but the show can’t happen in 2022.

Company projects are late and that’s why the Geneva motor show postponed and can’t happen in 2022. Many companies are not committed to the president to participate in a show because their projects are not completed.

2022 Geneva motor show postponed

Somewhere in Geneva Motor Show

Also one of the biggest international events. In 2019, they welcomed 600,000 visitors and 160 exhibitors. Auto shows like these also help economically. Visitors came to the country and high level exhibitions also help company to promote their businesses.

Authorities also work on online events and virtual exhibitions. But I think this won’t be successful because physical things presentation gives in virtual devices won’t be that easy. Physical appearance is more important, especially in auto industry.

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Technology and innovation are getting stronger day by day but presentation of physical things and concepts won’t be given online. Even Mesquita said they would try in happening this event with around 60 models. This would happen but if the company introduce one thing firstly, the other company will introduce in next show.

Technically the company reputation is little disturb because of introducing things later. Geneva motor show postponed but we wish that the show after get rid of this situation. The show will start as soon as possible.


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