Genesis G70 2021 is now Revealed | Luxury Sedan:

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Genesis, another name of Hyundai, luxury car makers founded in 2015, based in South Korea. Genesis is recent in the luxury car industry. Genesis’s parent company is Hyundai. Genesis is gaining popularity when they launch their luxury sedans and SUVs. This time Genesis came with a new product, Genesis G70 2021.

Genesis put a brilliant mindset in their car. G series is the luxurious series of Genesis’s sedans. The G90 is the flagship sedan of Genesis. When you put a professional eye on the car’s exterior. You see Genesis put the brilliant mind into this. Just like Honda launch their subsidiary company Acura, Mercedes launch their Maybach, similarly, Hyundai launches their subsidiary, Genesis.

Genesis cars are ready to compete with mid-size sedans like Civic, Elantra, Corolla, Accord, and used Mercedes C-Class or E-Class. When a person wants to buy an old C-Class, E-Class before this buying. You should consider this Genesis G70 2021. The Genesis G90 is the up model of G70. There is a huge difference in the exterior, The front looks almost the same but the back gives us a very luxurious look, also in the interior we see a major difference.


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G90 is a luxury flagship sedan and ready to compete with luxurious sedans like BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class. Overall, G90 is a good edition in the luxurious cars series and considerable car when you buying a car like these.


Genesis G70 2021:

Genesis G70 2021


Recently launch mutual beauty of Hyundai and Genesis. The first model is launched in 2017, at that time the car was weak. But, when we see the new model, we see a huge difference. The new model is way better than the old model, the front looks bigger and the back looks better and advanced than the previous model.

On the exterior Genesis decently improve their G70. Let’s see this car’s exterior. The front looks more powerful by heart size grill, we see the new style of grill that Genesis has. Lights are more advanced, LED lights make a car more beautiful, standard bumper as usual we see.


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Side looks are normal just like other sedans have. The main thing in the side profile when we see that is the rim. The standard alloy rims we see that is good. Let’s come to the rear, the style of this car is much similar to the previous model, the rear lights are much improved and the car gives us better look than the previous model.

Genesis put a good work for making Genesis G70 2021 better but I think that Genesis should put in more hard work especially in the exterior back part.




Genesis G70 2021

Opening the door, the first thing first, the interior gives us the feel of an Old Civic type interior. Interior does not give us a full digital look just like other similar cars. The main disadvantage that we see is the analog speed-o-meter, the meter should be completely digital so that we feel it’s a lovely car, or we should buy this car. Secondly, we see more traditional work on this car rather than digital work. Especially in 2021, things are replaced with advanced things.

G90 has a more advanced interior but, G90 also has an analog-digital meter which is a disappointing thing. G90 interior, the central console is much improved, the interior gives us the reflection of BMW 5 series interior. But, we see a disappointing thing in the G70 interior. When we sit inside we feel like it’s an old car.


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Genesis G70 2021 interior feels like we sitting in a 2015 or 16 car model, which is a bad thing. Genesis know for among luxurious brands of Hyundai, but when they see this type of car, they are disappointed, personally, I am expecting more advanced things from Genesis, but Genesis improves very little, not much improved.

Genesis comes in:

  • A standard Engine with a 2.0 L Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a power of 255 HP.
  • 3.3L Twin-Turbo V6 Engine with the power of 365 HP.

Standard features in Genesis G70 2021, AWD, Electronic stability control, Traction control, wireless charging, charging ports, 6-Speed automatic transmission, 360 view which is a good thing, Auto trunk, etc.

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